May 18, 2018

REVIEW: Natura Organics Lip Volume Supra Matte Fluid

 Hello! Long time no post here in my blog for the reason that I got so busy and focused on my Youtube channel. For today's review, it will be these new liquid lipsticks I received from @realnaturaorganics and these are their latest liquid lipsticks which are the Lip Volume Supra Matte Fluid (that's quite long) with SPF8! A liquid lipstick with sun protection factor? I'm shookt!

March 18, 2018

Review: Unicorn Dream Ink Lip & Cheek Tints

Hello Mallows! I hope you missed my blogs and written reviews. I'm sorry if I didn't post more than a month here because I got busy and focus on my Youtube channel. Probably, you've already watched the video I posted swatching these babies but I still want to show you here photo swatches.
These are the Unicorn Dream Ink Lip and Cheek Tints from @unicorndreamph . These tints retail for P100 each and you can choose from 12 shades or buy them all!

February 05, 2018


 The Ashley Dot Shock Matte Lipsticks were raved in this Facebook group called TMUR. I've bought these lipsticks for P20 each only while others bought it for P40+. It depends on where you'll buy these. I've bought mine at SOHO Cabagan. I usually go to SOHO to buy toiletries because they're cheap AF there and then I went on to their beauty section and remembered that these were the lipsticks that got a hyped on the TMUR group. Just like the lipstick's name, I was shock that it was FDA approved (click HERE).

December 13, 2017

Review: Tin's Organic Sweet Lip Scrub

 This organic lip scrub from @tins_organics on Instagram is a must have for people with dry and chapped lips, and also to those people who do a lot of lipswatches like I do. Lip scrub helps to remove dead skin from lips bringing out new fresh layers, making the lips soft, and smooth. This one is organic so there's more benefits into it like it will nourished your lips because of the essential oils and vitamins infused within the product. This lip scrub retails for P150.00.

December 11, 2017

Review: Levres Cosmetics Lip & Cheek Tints

Hello Mallows! Aside from Youtube, I will call everyone like that because we are all soft and sweet! Today's review is all about LÈVRES COSMETICS. They're a local brand all the way from Olongapo. Lèvres is a french word meaning lips. Thus, they created their lip and cheek tint collection. We all know that every online shop today have their own lip and cheek tint collection and they may differ from their own formulation, manufacturer, and packaging. The Levres cosmetics is my first rollball type packaging with the gold cap and pink stickers. Each retails for P120.00. You can check @Levrescosmeticsph on Instagram.
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