September 29, 2014

Review: My First Glutathione Oral and Injectibles

Yes, I am now a certified skin whitening obsessed. I told myself before I wouldn't dare to try these but I ate my words and I gave in after my very long journey to have my skin whiter and fairer.

Glutax 5g and Ishigaki bought from
legit and

September 28, 2014

Review: Zoom Perfume in Sweet Alyssa

First,about the company

ZOOM International Co. is a Filipino-owned company established on April 8, 2013. The company is engaged in the manufacturing, direct selling and networking of high quality perfumes. The oil-based perfumes offered by the company are created skillfully and precisely by experts and selected carefully by the company's executives. In addition, the contents of each scent chosen were ordered from France being the best of the best.

To maintain the Company's excellence, it continuously upholds its vision of creating and nurturing an enormous network of entrepreneurs with the young entrepreneurs as its main target to be outstanding leaders, brilliant businessmen, and to be globally competitive. The company is constantly aiming in improving its products and services to match the growing demands and requests of the marketing,

September 25, 2014

The Uprising Star: Starmobile UP

Hi friends! It's my first time reviewing a gadget. hehe
So first, here's a back story on what happened. Yesterday(9/24/14), somehow I impulsively thought of selling my Samsung Galaxy Tablet 2 10.1(P5100) since I already have my Samsung Galaxy S5. I posted my unit on BUY AND SELL TUGUEGARAO group on facebook and I did get a lot of people interested since my price was PhP 5,500 only. Just after an hour I got a deal with someone who was also a nurse. We chatted and made a deal to meet up at Tuguegarao. Supposedly, I didn't want to buy another phone but then I thought I still need one even I have my S5. So after it was sold, I went straight to Memoxpress Jr. Beforehand, I already read reviews about this product that's why I bought it and it's also below PhP 5,500.

Starmobile's Best Value Large Screen Phone

PRICE: PhP 4,990.00

September 18, 2014

Review: Asian Secrets Lulur Indonesian Whitening Facial Scrub

more after the break..

Tutorial: The Lipstick Bullet Fix

 Don't throw that lipstick! There's always an answer to any makeup problems.
Are you like me?lol. I'm kinda clumsy and I usually drop my lipsticks , I don't know sometimes it slips on my hand that's why whenever I picked it up it's broken. 
Other problem with lipstick is that it easily melts or it removes itself on the lipstick tube.

 Below: Sophie Paris Koshize Lipstick in "Pink Lover"

September 17, 2014

Review: Peau Chic Lulur Japanese Salt Whitening Body Scrub

(French; pronounced: Poh Sheek; meaning: Stylish skin)
"Passion for natural beauty" 

LULUR SCRUBS are ancient already. They say that the royalties and especially the BRIDE uses this to make their skin smooth and refresh before their wedding.
SO, treat yourself like a Queen/Princess with this very affordable product

September 16, 2014

Queen's Essentials Superior Obagi Set Giveaway(PHILIPPINES) [CLOSED]

Hey ladies and gents!
Have you been fighting pimples, dark blemishes and dull skin on your face?

So, the answer to your problem is already here..
The Queen's Essentials Superior Obagi Set(BESTSELLER!!)

September 14, 2014

Tutorial: Step-by-step Eyebrow

Hi friends! Here's a tutorial on how I did my eyebrows

+Eyebrow brush
+Nichido duo eyebrow kit
+Angled brush
+light eyeshadow or concealer
+Eyebrow gel

So, below is my bare somehow trimmed and shaped eyebrow :)

Instagram Birthday Giveaway(CLOSED)

Instagram giveaway(PHILIPPINES)

1. Must be a follower or follow @karenlizescobar
2. Repost this photo and tag 5 friends with hashtag: #karenlizescobarbirthdaygiveaway2014

Until Nov 2 2014

UNLIMITED REPOST but you should tag different set of friends =)

+#peauchic body peeling set and dreamwoman activated hot cream,lemon soap and glutathione with rosehip soap
+#pantenehair pro-v daily intensive conditioner
+#colourcollection pressed powder with vit.e
+#caroniaph nailpolish remover
+#Sassycolors nailpolish in emerald and seduction
+#HelloKitty nailpolish in applegreen and applered
+#skinwhiteph advance whitening facial cleanser
+fimo nail design
+class A etude house lipstick
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