September 19, 2014

Review: SkinWhite Advanced Whitening Lotion

Instant white?

 Don't you just love taking care of your skin?it's kind of addictive. I like having smooth and moisturize skin even on a hot day. I don't care about having the malagkit feeling because of the lotion.
It's actually best having a sunscreen or sun protection because direct UV rays are very harmful to our skin.

And here's a product that not only protects your skin because of its SPF20 but also it has more benefits..

Product claims: The SkinWhite Advance Line uses an exclusive Advance Tripower Technology that safely attacks the three stages of melanin production:
1. Blocks UV rays from entering the innermost layer of the skin;
2. Suppresses melanin production if stray UV rays make it to the skin's innermost layer;
3. Prevents release of melanin to the uppermost layer of the skin, preventing skin darkening.

Product Claims:
With Vitanourish Formula that contains Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5 and E and SPF 20, for intense moisturization and protection from harmful UV rays.

How it helps our skin?
+Vitamin B3(Niacin)
 There are 2 important enzymes (NADH and NADPH) that contribute to the production of cellular energy and lipids (responsible for cell growth). With a sufficient supply of both enzymes, your skin creates an effective barrier to external factors that influence the aging process. However, the levels of both NADH and NADPH decline as we grow older. When applied topically, vitamin B3 seems to reduce their rate of decline.
Because topical application of niacinamide can help preserve levels of NADH and NADPH, it contributes to the support of the skin’s barrier against pollutants and other irritants. As a result, many skin conditions, such as acne, the redness associated with rosacea, and other inflammatory signs can be actively managed. Also, vitamin B3 has shown to be useful for encouraging the production of natural emollients that can help the skin remain hydrated. (credits:

+Vitamin B(Pantothenic Acid)
Pantothenic acid has been shown to support wound healing, especially when applied topically, by improving the regrowth of those cells that are responsible for generating connective tissue after injury. This vitamin may also promote the growth and differentiation of keratinocytes, which are essential for maintaining a healthy barrier function in the skin. Keratosis pilaris, or “chicken skin”, is a common skin condition caused by impaired keratinocyte growth, which may benefit from increased pantothenic acid consumption.
Pantothenic acid also significantly increases levels of glutathione in the cells, which acts as a potent antioxidant in the skin. As I mentioned in the second article of this series, increased levels of glutathione in the skin protects against oxidative damage of cell membranes, reducing the effects of sun damage, pollutants, and other stressors. This can help reduce the signs of aging, prevent wrinkles, and even defend against skin cancer. (credits:
+Vitamin E
Vitamin E is a potent anti-inflammatory agent, defending the skin against free radicals and reactive oxygen species that would otherwise cause damage. Vitamin E may also play a synergistic role with selenium in improving glutathione levels in the body, further increasing antioxidant activity. Adequate levels of this vitamin in the skin may prevent inflammatory damage from sun exposure, helping to reduce the aging and skin cancer risk from excessive UV radiation. (credits:

 BELOW: bare skin. no application yet.

BELOW: small amount of SkinWhite Lotion

BELOW: product applied already.

Instant white upon application.
You'll see the radiance glow after applying the lotion.
It doesn't have the white mask like other instant whitening lotions.

Directions: Use twice daily all over your hands and body. Reapply as needed. For best results, use with SkinWhite Advance PowerWhitening Soap

♡Affordable 50ml/70php, 100ml/125php,200ml/235php
♡With different volume pack to choose from: 50mL, 100mL and 200mL
♡Instant whitening
♡This is my 3rd purchase already and I've whiten enough after our medical mission.
♡Smooths, moisturizes, and whitens skin
♡Visible results in 7 days

-The whitening effect goes off after taking a bath

Disclaimer: Not a sponsored post.

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