September 14, 2014

Tutorial: Step-by-step Eyebrow

Hi friends! Here's a tutorial on how I did my eyebrows

+Eyebrow brush
+Nichido duo eyebrow kit
+Angled brush
+light eyeshadow or concealer
+Eyebrow gel

So, below is my bare somehow trimmed and shaped eyebrow :)

Step 1: Brush your eyebrows
Inner eyebrows: upwards
Outer eyebrows: downwards

Below is the nichido duo eyebrow kit

Step 2: Using an angled brush outline your desired eyebrow shape , 
starting from the 3/4 inner eyebrow


 Step 3: Fill in the 3/4 of your brows, 
then use the residue on the angled brush to fill in the inner most brows for light shade

Below is the shade Virgin from Urban Decay's Naked 1 palette

Step 4: Highlighting.
Highligh your brow bone

Maybelline's brow styling gel

Step 5: Apply the brow styling gel for long lasting effect.
Here's the final look


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