September 18, 2014

Tutorial: The Lipstick Bullet Fix

 Don't throw that lipstick! There's always an answer to any makeup problems.
Are you like me?lol. I'm kinda clumsy and I usually drop my lipsticks , I don't know sometimes it slips on my hand that's why whenever I picked it up it's broken. 
Other problem with lipstick is that it easily melts or it removes itself on the lipstick tube.

 Below: Sophie Paris Koshize Lipstick in "Pink Lover"

Here are more of my lipsticks that needs fixing.

Materials needed:

Here's how...
 1. Light your candle.

2. Grab your lipstick bullet and place it above the candle light 2 inches far and let it melt then place it back on the lipstick tube. Hold it until it's steady.

3. Put inside the freezer for about 5 minutes.

4. Viola! Your lipstick is back in shape.

Note: Do not store lipstick in direct sunlight or hot temperature.

Suggestions, tips and tricks, just comment below.

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