September 28, 2014

Review: Zoom Perfume in Sweet Alyssa

First,about the company

ZOOM International Co. is a Filipino-owned company established on April 8, 2013. The company is engaged in the manufacturing, direct selling and networking of high quality perfumes. The oil-based perfumes offered by the company are created skillfully and precisely by experts and selected carefully by the company's executives. In addition, the contents of each scent chosen were ordered from France being the best of the best.

To maintain the Company's excellence, it continuously upholds its vision of creating and nurturing an enormous network of entrepreneurs with the young entrepreneurs as its main target to be outstanding leaders, brilliant businessmen, and to be globally competitive. The company is constantly aiming in improving its products and services to match the growing demands and requests of the marketing,

To create a successful international networking company that:
Sets high company standards to maximize the potential of our distributors.
Cultivates young Filipino entrepreneurs become good leaders through continuous training and seminars.
Nurtures a vast group of globally professional entrepreneurs by providing
economic growth.


Zoom international aims to provide the young Filipino entrepreneurs a low capital but competitive livelihood program through its affordable quality products and its system of marketing that could proudly compete with the existing market globally.

Zoom International


This is how the product looks like

Product description from their website

Price: PhP 280(According to Zoom's FACEBOOK

Zoom Int'l Facebook
Zoom Int'l Twitter

+affordable at PhP250.00 for 60ml
+many scents to choose from

+you must find a dealer to order
+simple packaging


  1. Hi Karen,

    Are you already a distributor or dealer of these perfumes?
    Please let me know. Thanks.

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