October 27, 2014

Review: Makeup Girl Brushes

Is it my birthday already? After we got home after our Cauayan shopping, I've received this package last Saturday, October 25, 2014, and I thought it was my Saladbox subscription and when I saw it's a small packaging I said "Oh!I think these are the brushes generously sent by Pinay True Blend."
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This was it when I opened it. It has a small, black pouch with a zipper.
 I was so excited to see what's inside!
 It's a 7 piece brush set!!

It's so soft and dense

Can you identify these makeup brushes?

Tapered Kabuki Brush
(Taper - diminish or reduce or cause to diminish or reduce in thickness toward one end)
Function: Accurate application of concealer and foundation products

Flat Top Kabuki Brush
Function: For application of liquid and cream products
Tapered Contour/Highlight Brush
  Function: For sculpting and enhance shaping of your face

 Concealer Brush
Function: For applying concealer under the eyes, to spots and to camouflage problem areas

Eyeshadow brush (medium-sized)
 Function: For application of eyeshadow on the eyelids are

Eyeshadow blending brush
 Function: For blending the eyeshadow, mostly for achieving smokey eye effect

Pencil Brush
Function: For shading crease or the lash line

Here's my photoheavy demo on when I used and applied these makeup brushes

Used my concealer brush to apply the product under my eye area
Next, Revlon Photoready Liquid Foundation and QuickFX No-Shine Mattifer
Mixed them for a matte finish
 Used my tapered kabuki brush, I simply combined the products on my clean hands
 and applied it all over my face
 Next, I used my kabuki flat top brush and benefit bene tint
 Applied three dots of benetint on both cheeks
 Blend them using flat top kabuki brush
 Next, tapered contour/highlight brush and BYS Blush in Perfectly Peachy
 Appied it on my cheekbones area to sculpt my round face
Next, these 3 eyeshadow brush
 I used this eyeshadow brush to apply this white color all over my eyelids
 I used this pencil brush to apply this dark brown with shimmer on my crease area
 I used this blending brush to apply this light brown color to blend the colors
 Next, I used my pencil brush and eyeshadow brush to fill my brows
 I chose to fill my brows with brown first using the pencil brush
 After, I used the eyeshadow brush to apply the grey one for an ombre effect
 Next, used the concealer brush again to highlight your desired eyebrows
 Applied it on the brow bone area
Here's the final look

Order now at Pinay True Blend
contact or vibe 09157288188

Retail price: PhP 630.00

Verdict: Browsing through their IG/Facebook I see that they sell it on affordable prices. It's like a "Sigma" replica because of the color black and silver handle. The bristles are soft and dense.It's a synthetic kind of brush. Over-all, it's a very good quality brushes even it is unbranded. As long as it justifies and lets you apply makeup easily and precisely then it's a good makeup brush.

For collaborations/sponsors/business:
email: kaaaren23@yahoo.com
vibe/sms: 09277698472


  1. Ohh it looks like this collection has every brush a girl would need! ^ u ^


    1. true dear. It's very helpful for others who don't know when and where to use their makeup brushes

  2. Wow! this is a complete guide for young girls stepping into the world of make up!


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