October 16, 2014

My Vanity Area

Woot! I miss home, I miss Quezon City. I miss going to the mall and stuff but most definitely I miss my family. Right now, almost more than a year already I'm living with my partner, Dennis Marlo, we've been bf-gf since February 2009. I don't know when we will get marry. lol

Before, every time I go home I always brought something with me to Isabela until I realized that I brought everything here. My clothes, shoes and my whole makeup collection!

So, here's my updated vanity area 

Yeah, I've been collecting since 3rd year college. Before, I used to buy lipsticks and blush only and then I started being so kikay when ate Faith & Jhem taught me how to apply makeup, and they started plucking my brows. Then, they also suggested to watch youtube makeup tutorials introducing me to Michelle Phan, Say Tioco, etc. and then I started to buy those products they had tried and reviewed. So, I don't actually have a formal learning about this area. I read tutorials online and on ebooks that I've downloaded. That's a short story to where it all began.

Here it goes,

+Nail care
-Sansan, Sassy, Revlon, Wet N Wild, Chic, Caronia, Klik, OMG, Bobbie, MyPosh

PhP 88 from Daiso

+Storage drawer
PhP 399 from D.I.Y. shop @Mall Of The Valley, Tuguegarao City

what's inside my storage drawer

1st drawer: Foundation, BB cream, CC cream, Tinted Moisturizer

2nd drawer: Blush, Tints. Highlighter

3rd drawer: Pressed & Loose Powders

4th drawer: Highlighter, Bronzer, Eyebrow powder, Gel Liner, Primer

 Next, my babies!They're not high end brushes but they've been sticking with me for like a lifetime. lol
Surprisingly, my brushes aren't falling off every time I wash them.
Washing and cleaning them are the laziest and tiring thing to do. 
 (Can we have some laundry brush store here?ahaha)

Where did I buy my brushes?
Landmark, Trinoma (Artist Studio)
Joyce Sola's Candyloveart Studio @Arizona Tower or order at Exquisites deluxe

+These are my bath and body corner
Lotions, hand soap, soap, shampoo.. Mostly from Watsons Facebook Promo

+Eye Products 
Mascara, Curler, Pencil, Liquid and Felt liners

+Lip Products
lipsticks, lip balm, lip pencils, lip paint, lip gloss, lip tint

last but not the least are my
+eyeshadow sets
I'm not an eyeshadow person because I have a drooping eyelid. And even I put some smokey eyeshadow you'll not appreciate it until I close my eyes.

that's about my growing collection. Comment down below your blog, Follow me and I'll follow back.
Share your link to your vanity area too. I want to see them as well and be my inspiration for organizing our guilty pleasure.


  1. I love how you organize your stuff ♥ Your area looks clean and neat

  2. Ohh I need to get myself one of those stand alone mirrors too! ^ ^


  3. You have more makeup than I do! :D

    1. OMG! thanks Kat! *kiligs* I super love reading your blogs <3

  4. Have you tried using Skin Potions Tinted Lip Balm sis? :)


    1. havent tried that sissy..pero parang maganda hehe lalo na ung plum

  5. Wow, I was shocked when I saw you got your drawer thingy here in Tuguegarao. ^.^ I think I'll check it out when I have the money. XD


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