October 07, 2014

Review: Prizes From Rucy's Vanity Cosmetics

This was my blogged post from tumblr.

Hi friends.. better late than never!
Here are the products I've chosen from winning second place from Rucy's Vanity photo contest -->> WINNING PHOTO
So yeah, It's worth 300pesos and free shipping fee. hehe
|Rucy's Vanity BB Cream|


Here's the product on my arm..
When blended...
Rucy's Vanity BB Cream with SPF 20PA+++ in Natural
Gleamy Whitening
Net. Wt.30ml
5 effects skin solution
+UV Protection
+Anti Wrinkle
+Makeup Base
When I applied on my face CLICK LINK -- FACE
Price: PhP 200.00
Verdict: 4/5
I rated it like that because it didn't match my skin tone, maybe the Natural shade is for the "natural" shade of Koreans. get it?. lol.I like the packaging it's so girly and pink. I like that it is also travel and bag friendly. The consistency is good because unlike other BB creams it really has the creamy like firmness and for the lasting effect , for the BB cream alone, I tried it and lasted for about 3 hours because I'm on hospital duty not in an air-conditioned room or mall or something like that.
|Rucy's Vanity Liquid Foundation|
Product on my arm...
When blended..

I hope I can read korean to write the description..for questions and inquiries, message Rucy's Vanity Official on facebook
Price: PhP 100.00
Verdict: 2.5/5
I rated it like that for the reasons..
1. It's not meant for my skin color
2. It's not meant for my skin type which is combi skin
3. It's like melting on my face because of the very liquid consistency
Why I also like it?
1. It has a dewy finish when the product is already steady on my face
2. It brightens my face
3. Affordable(retail price)
For any suggestions,questions,recommendations and tips comment below :)


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