October 06, 2014

Watsons Bath To Basics Guess The Product Winner

Guess the product!! haha


Hooray!Did you guess it correctly?
Hihi,well I did and luckily I've been randomly selected by Watsons 


And so I thought, I'll be receiving a Cosmo Skin Whitening Soap. Then, Watsons messaged me and got my infos. I thought I won't be receiving or claiming any thing because I've read from their facebook page from other winners from other promos that they haven't received nor contacted by Watsons yet. Any, until I received an email from them on how to claim my prize. I've thought not to claim my price anymore due to my time mismanagement!haha but then I saw another winner from this promo posted her giftpack and I was like "ang dami pala!" *kiligs* and I was like "tara na iclaim yung sa watsons" haha

 So, here are the products I've claimed!! as in WOW!
I'm so looking forward to use them. No product will be put to waste.
 I'll copy their product descriptions from Watsons website

Moist skincare Natural Extract Mineral Salt

Watsons Extra Shine Treatment Shampoo

Volume | 400ml
Product Features :
Watsons Henna Treatment Shampoo is formulated with Henna Extract and Ginseng Extract. It cleanses your hair and gives a long lasting colour and shine, leaving your hair healthier and more manageable after use.

Watsons Cream Hand Soap

Volume | 500ml
Product Features :
Scented Cream Hand Soap gently and effectively cleanses and protects your hands from dryness. It also helps retain skin's natural moisture balance, leaving your hands clean, soft and smooth with a fruity fragrance.

A Bonne' Spa White Creamy Salt

Volume | 350g
Product Features:
Natural Exfoliating, Natural Whitening, Natural Smooth & Radiant 
  This is a Home Spa product for bathing and indulging yourself. Its selected salt grains content when scrubbing, it effectively exfoliates weathered skin cells without irritation and opens up new ones of brightened, smooth and radiant look. Pure Milk Protein helps skin to retain moisture, prevent dryness and roughness, giving your skin lasting radiance. Lemon & Papaya Extract lighten skin tone, giving it a fairer and more radiant look.

Watsons Cool Mint Mouthwash

Volume | 500ml
Product Features :
Watsons Coll Mint Mouthwash contains flouride to help prevent cavities - more effective than by brushing alone. The mint flavor leaves your mouth feeling cool and clean and eliminates bad breath.

Watsons Facial Mask (excited to try this!!)

To relieve tired skin and improve skin tone Made in Korea

Kojiesan Skin Lightening & Anti-aging Soap (FAVE!)

Watsons Velvety Soft Tissues

Volume | 3PLY100S X3PK
Product Features :
• High temperature treated • Made with 100% wood pulp • No fluorescent additive

If you know the prices of each product please do comment down below!
Wait for my individual blog post about these products! I'll try them one by one.
Much love! Keep joining Watsons promos and giveaway on facebook.


  1. Wow! Ang dami nga :D I joined their promo but I'm unlucky. Haha. Btw, congrats! :)

    1. oo nga, swertehan lang talaga hehe. thank you! Join my ongoing giveaway! =)

  2. Wow! Andami naman! Napaka-swerte mo naman hehe!

    1. ahah, oo nga e, try mo lang din magjoin sa kung anu-anong giveaway sa facebook or instagram. :)
      join my ongoing giveaway =


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