November 18, 2014

Review: Enchanted's True Love's Kiss Lipstick

I LOVE LIPSTICKS! Just a swipe of color on your lips shows your mood
and changes your aura and everything.
Actually, it's my first time seeing the brand Enchanted. This is their official FB page but it isn't updated.

Enchanted's True Love's Kiss in Pretty Pink

I got this lipstick from the Wish Pressed Powder. I think it's a promo. See here -

 Net Wt.: 10g
These are the ingredients
I like the black box and the label on it. It's very decent.
 It's a nice hot pink shade with no significant fragrance. 
 The packaging is very simple. It has their name "Enchanted"
 This is what it looks like on my lips

That's all! I just wanna share to you the swatch!
Rating: 3/5

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