November 08, 2014

One Brand Makeup: Ever Bilena

Hi my dear readers!! Here's my new target. A one brand makeup demo/tutorial. Though, it's not anymore new to other beauty bloggers and to some readers
I still hope you find this interesting and worth reading.
I've actually filmed this but I forgot I still haven't installed any movie maker or video editor.
As much as I want to install the movie maker, it always
end up in 99% only and then it hang. huhu wth?

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All products were bought with my own money.

I went to a simple and an everyday makeup as my first take to my one brand tutorial
plus some products will be reviewed individually soon.

Ever Bilena BB Cream in Oriental
Apply it all over your face
 Make sure to blend it well
 check out that flawless finish
Next, Ever Bilena Kleopatra Eye Pencil in Brown
 I'm actually looking for a taupe color to match my hair but only
  brown was available
 outline your brows
 Use the brush to fade the color of the pencil
 Next, Ever Bilena HD Concealer Pencil
To highlight your brows 
Apply it on your brow arch area

Blend with a concealer brush
 Using an angled brush, fill again your brows then get the residue to use for your nose line
 Next, Ever Bilena Palette
consists of eyeshadow and blushes
Next, Ever Bilena Advance Duo Mascara
Next, Ever Bilena Advance Lip & Cheek Tint
 Apply 3 dots on each cheek
 I love its natural glow on my face
Almost there <3
Next, Ever Bilena Blush in Tan
 For additional contour of my face
 Next, Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Mauvey
 Next, Ever Bilena Lip Pencil in Deep Pink
Applying it only on the inner lips area for an ulzzang like lips

Next, Ever Bilena Pressed Powder
Here's the finish look

Hope you like it! Video will be uploaded soon.
For suggestions, comment down below.

Thank you!

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