December 07, 2014

Review: Clareal Keratin Color Stay Hair Care

When I said I'll be taking care of hair, I'll do it and it already
started by using this Clareal Keratin Pomegranate Hair Care.
Seriously, my damaged hair needs to be revived.
Come with me on my long journey to having smooth and shiny hair.
 Net: 1000mL(35.2 Fl. Oz.)

This pomegranate extract helps colored hair not faded easily and stay longer
time without fading.  Keeps hair shinier.
 Here's my 3D(dull,dry,damaged) hair
End of my hair
 The product looks like this..
I don't know what's the actual smell of real pomegranate
but this one really has the fruity, sweet smell
1. Wash and shampoo hair. Then towel dry.
2. Sectioning hair into parts, apply the hair cream evenly.
3. Use wide tooth comb for combing the hair for distribution of the hair film from roots to tip.
4. Leave for 10-15 minutes for normal straight hair, 25-30 minutes for thick and rebonded hair, preferable of using electric heating cap for best results.
5. Wash the hair until the water is clear.


My hair became soft and smooth. Though the tip of my hair is still the same.
Will continue to use this and update you.
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