December 04, 2014

Review: Ellana Mineral Cosmetics Lip & Cheek Gel

I've been dying to have this for a long time already but due to some circumstances like I'm living in the province and also I can't order online nor ask someone to buy me in Manila. Finally! I did buy it.
Ellana Minerals is available at The Ramp, Trinoma.Click HERE for other branches.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: (from Ellana website)
 One of our bestsellers, the Lip & Cheek Gel gives a gorgeous,
rosy glow that lasts the whole day.
It delivers a sheer and beautiful no-makeup look while moisturizing your skin.
It doesn’t dry quickly, giving you enough time to blend it evenly on your cheeks.
Have you tried our Lip and Cheek Gel?
It's perfect for creating a long-lasting natural flush and just-bitten lips.
The bottle may look small but the high pigmentation ensures
that even a tiny amount of product goes a long way!

It's a small makeup pump without cover but you can twist it to avoid spillage.
It's very travel-friendly.
 Price: PhP 220.00
HOW TO USE: (from Ellana website)
Pump a small amount on the back of your hand. Pick up the
product with your fingers then apply it on the apples of your

It's a purplish-red shade. I like that it's good for warm or cool skin tones.
I love that it gives me the natural flush on my cheeks and give my lips a normal look.
 Perfect for summer season and under the water since it's not easily removed with wipes.
It will give you a rosy summer glow.
Here's a swatch on my hand
 The stain can't be removed with facial wipes.

+Affordable at PhP 220.00
+Pigmented: Amethyst is purplish red
+Travel-Friendly: 20mL
+Longlasting up to 12 hours

-Drying on the lips
-You can't easily wipe off the stain(try swatching it and removing it on your hand)

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