December 11, 2014

My Top 10 Google Play Apps

Hi! Sorry! I've been working out on my site. Making some changes. Seeing a lot of drafts to work on. 
I'm a total Android user. I like Samsung than iPhone. I've tried using my mom's iPad and my sister's iPhone but for me it's kind of complicated. hehe. I'm just not really into it. I'm always a Samsung user since it's Android release. Of course, we install a lot of apps and games and other than Facebook and Instagram, here's my top 10 Google play apps you may want to install too.

10. Go Launcher [FREE]
more after the break..
9. Dropbox [FREE]
8. Viber [FREE]
I love that it has video call now
7. Moon+Reader Pro [PAID]
6. Dead Trigger 2 [FREE]
I'm a sucker for zombiiiiiees!
5. Picsart [FREE]
 4. Yahoo Mail [FREE]
3. Bloggeroid [FREE]
2. Photogrid [FREE]
1. Spotify Music [FREE]

Android user too?
Share yours on the comment section below.


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