December 09, 2014

Review: Nichido Tinted Brow Gel

Hi dearies! Here's another makeup product you'll surely love!
Nichido Tinted Brow Gel
There are also other shades available
(photo credit to their facebook page)
Price: PhP 238.00

My shade that matches my hair color
Salted Caramel
7ml/0.24 fl. oz.
 If you want natural looking brows, I recommend using this.
 How to use?
  • You must only fill your brows applying it with light strokes upwards from the inner brows then downward after the arch area to the outer brows.
  • Use an eyeliner to outline your brows, then using an eyeshadow(matches or lighter than your haircolor) to fill your brows and using the tinted brow gel to make it last longer
+Affordable at PhP 238.00
+Makes your brow color last longer
+Create natural looking brows
+4 different shades that will match your hair color

-If you don't know how to fill your brows lightly the color will go to the skin and it will be a bit messy

Would you buy this?

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