December 12, 2014

Review: Ceejhay ASC Cheek N Lip Tint

Who loves lip and cheek tint? Raise your hands?! (virtual hands UP!) hehe!
oh yes it's ME!!
When I saw this in the package Ceejhay ASC sent me.
I was like "wow, may local lip and cheek tint na pala"
(wow, there's a local lip and cheek tint already)
more after the break..

It's a small pot. Imagine the 5 pesos coin is the round shape. That's its size.
Even though it's little, the product is full on its content.
 Where to buy? Ceejhay ASC
Price: PhP100.00 only
Check out my before and after photos 

Done with my foundation routine
 How to apply?
Cheeks: Dab 3 dots on the apple of your cheeks then blend
Lips: Just put a small amount on your lips and apply it well.
 Looks natural right?
I feel Korean whenever I have that kind of lips. =)
 After eating and lips look stained.
It can stay for about 3-4 hours.

+Affordable at PhP100
+For natural looking lip color
+For natural blush on your cheeks

+Unknown ingredients

(instagram post)

Products are sent to me for consideration to review.
Contents are all honest and unbiased.



  1. How long does it stay when applied? with and without drinking? :)

    1. after eating and drinking, nagstained like sya sa lips. photo updated above. =)
      then after magdinner, I applied it again then naglast na sya for the whole night.

  2. parang kagaya ng sa zenutrients... pero lip balm yun.

    1. talaga? maganda Karen? :)
      where can I buy?

    2. Almost every mall. Trinoma and Market!Market! Thanks for the Google+ connect... will follow backs soon.. see you in the future events.

  3. Nice blog. visit back


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