February 04, 2015

Review: Skin Bliss Snow Glow Glutathione Capsules

YAY! Just super yehey to this!
I'm obsessing with skin whitening products than makeup lately and
I'm thankful to my generous sponsor for sending me these amazing products.
(You can check out the sidebar and click the photo to go to their site)

From Skin Bliss,(an online shop that sells ORGANIC skincare products),
their best selling glutathione capsules.
Snow Glow
super whitening and anti-aging
30 capsules(good for a month)
more after the break...

Price: PhP 1,400.00

 Product Description:
Contains natural glutathione extracted with the most powerful antioxidants.
It removes pimple scar, acne pit, dark spots, freckles,
super whitening, anti-aging and glowing skin naturally
I like that it has the supplement facts you need to know
 The product looks like this. It's a soft gel capsule almost the same size of the Centrum.

Instagram post(On my 2nd day of taking Skin Bliss Snow Glow Capsule)
indoor lighting
outside light/natural sunlight
 Verdict: After I finished my 30 capsules of Skin Bliss Snow Glow Gluta Capsules
there's a obviously whitening effect and made my skin so radiant and glowing
since I also combine my daily Vitamin C in taking the gluta caps.

Note: If you're taking glutathione capsules, please do not drink alcoholic beverages.
You may experience palpitation.

If you want to order, just go to their instagram or facebook page.

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This is a sponsored post. All contents are honest and unbiased.
Return here after a week and see for yourself the result.



  1. hello, may i know what Vitamin C you are taking together with Snow glow capsule. Thanks in advance :)


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