January 29, 2015

Dariya Palty Foam Pack Hair Color In Custard Beige

Sometimes, I love my impulsiveness. Well, actually I've been
missing my hair colors since last night and earlier today I told Dennis that
we should go to Watsons to buy a hair dye. Supposedly, I'll buy Beautylabo like
Michelle Magramo's(Hi girl!!lols) choice but instead I saw this one and I like the color better.

It's Dariya's Palty Bubble Foam Hair Color in CUSTARD BEIGE
bought: Watsons
price: PhP 499
Here's on the side of the box where you'll see the nearest possible outcome.
It's either your hair was dark brown, reddish brown or blonde
 On the back of the box are the ingredients and how to or procedures 
that I don't understand a thing because it's written in Japanese characters. hehe
 On the other side of the box are the precautions and safety reminders.
 What's inside the box are these...
  • Instruction leaflet
  • Base water
  • Cream
  • Mixing Cup
  • Mixing Spoon
  • Gloves(inside the leaflet)
  • Haircare solution
You can perforate the underside of the case...
 and place the mixing cup in the hole to hold in place

 Note: If you have a sensitive skin or haven't tried this product or have virgin hair,
please do the patch test(skin test) the product.

 1. Shake the base water up and down around 20times, and pour the
entire contents in the mixing cup.
2. Pour the entire contents of the cream in the mixing cup.
3. Remove the mixing cup from the hole(for me,it's optional)
  • Gently pressing down the cream with end of the mixing spoon(in an up&down motion)
  • Stir the mixture in a circular motion(between 20-40 stirs)
4. Apply the foam to hair
  • Divide into sections, applying from root to tip until you cover your whole head of hair
  • Massage to ensure that the foam spreads effectively over all the hair
5. Leave it for about 20-30 minutes
6. Wash hair with shampoo and conditioner and
you can also use the hair care solution included in the box

Look at those roots!! Seriously needs major retouch! haha 
 After application..

 I like the outcome of my hair color! : )

Verdict: 3/5

Why? I don't like the smell and actually there's a little bit of itchiness happened
after 5 minutes of application but after that when I'm massaging my head to spread the 
foam it actually settled. 
Will I repurchase? Honestly, Yes and No.
Yes because the black hair was greatly covered and I love the "outcome" on my hair
and No because maybe I'll try other brand that doesn't have the chemical/alcohol smell.

What are your thoughts?
Have you tried this product. Share your experience on the comment box below.

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