January 02, 2015

What I Received This Christmas Season

Happy New Year everyone!!
How's your 2nd day of 2015?
WOW!Cant believe it's 2015 already. Just 2 days ago was last year.

Anyway, I just want to share with you my dearies what I received last Christmas season.
Thank you everyone!

First gift I received was from my monita, ate Adele.
Thank you!
more after the break.

Whitening lotion from ate Shiela!
I thought it was a bottle of milk. lol
  Bag from ate Gold
 Carvil step-in from my dadee dennis!
I love you baby!
 Victorias Secret Fragrance Set from my mama
 Goddess Of Vengeance book from #TeamNieva
 Woman shirt from mama
 ze best Nike bag from mama!
 Penshoppe makeup from Dra. Kanapi and Clover
Thank you everyone!
I love you so much.


1 comment:

  1. You got some really awesome stuff for christmas (:


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