February 15, 2015

Review: Cast'ee Air Stocking Spray

A beauty product from Shopping99 that will make your skin so flawless!
Shopping99 products are imported from China/Taiwan.

Let go of the usual stockings that run down or get ripped.
Here's a easy way to go
 Actual Product:
Product Description:
Formulated to properly color and even skin to make legs look flawless
Net wt: 65g/piece
 Directions For Use:
1. Shake the can up and down several times for the product to mix well.
2. Apply to clean dry skin.
3. Press and spread quickly with your fingertips.
4. Allow to dry thoroughly before putting on clothes or shoes.
 To wash off the product, use water and soap
before application
during application
after application
Bought: Shopping99
Price: PhP859(SALE)

Here's a demonstration on how to use this product

~Smooths and covers uneven skin tone
~Tinted moisturizer for the skin
~Longevity: I even slept last night without washing and it still stayed
until I washed it off this morning
~It didn't transfer on my clothes and bed sheet
~Instant skin whitening
~Travel friendly

~Slight scent I don't like but very very tolerable
 ~Expensive if it's not on sale

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  1. parang ang gastos iapply heheh ,. gano katagal kaya ang isang canister nyan?


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