March 07, 2015

Review: EB Advance Supreme Lipstick (Matte)

Hi everyone!!
 Ever since I saw @denicedaily posting photos on Instagram
these new looking lipsticks of Ever Bilena.
I've been checking out the counters of Ever Bilena, Watsons and beauty sections just to look
for the "Pink Punch" shade.
Continue reading to find out why.
new, EB Advance SUPREME lipstick

Price: PhP 195.00
Ingredients + Manufacturing date
Pink Punch-Hot Pink-Cosmo Pink-Summer Berry-Red Twilight
Here are the swatches

Pink Punch which has a vibrant pink shade that I really love
Summer Berry which has a pink to coral like shade really perf for SUMMER!!
Cosmo Pink which is almost alike to Summer Berry but has a more tinge of pink
Hot Pink which is more a fuchsia pink shade
Red Twilight which is a sultry red and not very bright red; more on the warmer side of red
~New product of Ever Bilena(newly manufactured)
~Net.Wt. 3.6g
~Has a variety of shades (matte and creme/pink to red)
~Affordable PhP 195
~Easy and smooth application on the lips unlike other matte lippy

 ~No nude shades
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  1. Which line of lippies do you like most, this new supreme lipsticks or the previous matte lines?

    1. actually, these lipsticks are better matte but in terms of shades I loved the previous matte lines since I can go to nude, pink to red.

  2. Is matte a hundred percent matte? I mean, it isn't like the once matte in EB that it is glossy.


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