March 15, 2015

Review: Skin White Solutions Tomato White Set

Hi everyone! I've been detashing and selling my makeups
and then I've been buying also more than I sold. huhu.
Even I love makeup so much, I love my skin MOST!
It's better to have healthy skin than just by having a young"LOOKING" skin.
Get the difference?hehe
Tomato White Set
-Tomato White Toner 120ml
-Tomato White Cream 15g
-Tomato Serum 30ml
Have a tighter,brighter and prettier skin!
This Tomato White Set will helps tighten large pores and treats Oily Skin.
Minimizes dark spots and helps exfoliate dead skin cells. It has powerful anti-oxidants from Lycopene enabling skin to take oxygen, delaying aging and wrinkling.
Have natural Acids and vitamins which reduce acne naturally.
The result is fresh, beautifully glowing skin.
It gives a natural rosy glow complexion

Price: PhP 530/set
(You can also buy it individually, see photo below)

Tomato White Toner
Description:  Infused with a natural extract of tomato.
The Tomato Toner gives a natural cleansing power and nourishes
face with a rosy glow complexion.
This facial cleanser also helps tightens pores. Minimizes  dark spots and
exfoliate dead skin cells. The result is fresh, beautifully glowing skin.
 Tomato White Serum (P220)
  • Have a tighter, brighter and prettier skin
  • Shrinks big pores and treats oily skin
  • Have natural acids and vitamins which reduce acne naturally
  • It is a powerful antioxidant enabling your skin to take in oxygen, delaying aging and wrinkling
  • Helps balance the pH level of the skin and regulate sebum
 Tomato White Cream (P150)
Description: A cream rich in lycopene also know as antioxidant.
The Tomato white cream will help lighten skin tone and will moisturize skin.
It gives a natural rosy glow complexion. This tomato based facial cream will
hydrate, soothe and deeply nourish and is made to restore your dry skin
that is in need of extra nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants.

Here's my face after using the set.

Verdict: I love how it moisturize my skin and at the same time it minimizes the
appearance of pores because of the Tomato White serum. It also gives a pinkish glow effect because of the tomato white toner while the cream gives me the smooth and soft skin.
As of the moment, it's my perfect maintenance face set. It has the effects I needed for my face.
The only product I just need is an eyelift cream .hehe

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Everything in this post is based from my own experience and my honest opinions.


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