April 17, 2015

Haul: Fair And Glow Skin Essentials

Hi everyone! How are you doing?
I always tell you that I love PM shifts!
I tend to do many things like filming, vlogging/blogging and so many more.
Today is already productive. I've sat on my thinking chair lol 
editing videos, downloading etc. haha!
and later we're going to play badminton. 
Anyway, here are the skincare products sent to me by
They sell organic and natural skincare and whitening products
 So here's a breakdown of the items..

Witch Hazel Soap
Product Description: 
Witch hazel extract tightens pores and washes away oil and dirt particles from the skins surface.
It is an ideal pore minimizer. Plus, the antimicrobial, antifungal, and antibacterial elements cleanse the skin and treat blemishes. Natural anti-inflammatory properties decrease puffiness, particularly around the eyes. 
Prevents pimple
Shrink pores
Smoothens skin
PhP 110
Witch Hazel Pore Minimizing Toner 
Product Description:
A pore minimizing toner to reduce the size of pores
preventing formation of whiteheads and acne formation.
Witch hazel also has natural anesthetic properties.
Using a witch hazel toner cleanses the skin and while healing
and reducing pain and inflammation around any blemishes.  
Shrink pores
PhP 210
Glow White Soap
Product Description: 
135 gms
Made with unique tri-active whitening ingredients rosehip,
kojic-papaya & glutathione.
It clears the skin of blemishes, spots & make the skin glow.
PhP 120
I already tried this also and I feel the active ingredients it has.
When I said, I feel it cause after I rinse my body
I felt a lil bit of sting not irritation.
It also smells like candy. The "yakee" candy(did I spell it correctly)
You know that 90's candy. hehe
Blue Derm Soap
Product Description: 
Whitening and superior peeling using potent fruit acids.
With added aloe vera to prevent skin irritation. 
Gently removes dead skin
Whitens skin
Smoothens skin
PhP 120
 Brightening Cream Bath
Product description:
Fair & Glow brightening cream bath gently cleanses the skin
while works on 5 power actives to regenerate, rejuvenate, illuminate,
softens & brightens after a couple of uses. 
PhP 70
 Bright White Natural Body Bleaching Cream 
Product Description:
The quickest and safe treatment contains fruit
extracts that nourish and whitens the skin naturally. 
 Superior whitening
Evens out skintone
Lightens dark skin pigmentation
PhP 400
 Milk Oat Face & Body Scrub 
Product Description:
Feel your skin’s softness and smoothness with our
oatmilk scrub specially made with goats milk powder,
oatmeal and dead sea salt also good for sensitive skin. 
MILK – nourishes and softens the skin
OATMEAL – great moisturizer, protects skin conditions like eczema, rosacea and rashes.
DEAD SEA SALT – improves skin hydration, heals common skin ailments like acne, psoriasis and allergies. 
PhP 170
I've tried this one and it's so heavenly!It smells so good that I just want to use it all at once.
It has a pure milk fine powder and pure oats that you may want to take
your bowl and eat it. lol. I'm not exaggerating but it really is has a heavenly smell.
Not only that, it's a good body scrub that it removes the dry skin and leaves your
skin like very soft and moisture. No need for lotion! SWEAR! 
All In One Herbal Magic Cream
Product Description: 
An effective all in one cream that moisturize,
prevents wrinkle, lightens acne spots & evens out skin imperfections. 
Reduce age spots
Acne scars
Whitens skin 
PhP 280

hey! If the products and their descriptions and benefits caught your eye..
You can check their SNS..

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Disclosure: This is not a sponsored nor paid post.
Products were provided for editorial purposes and giveaway.
Everything in this post is based from my own experience and my honest opinions.

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