April 26, 2015

Review: Ono D'tox Facial Mask

First of all, let me introduce to you the brand ONO

ONO is an ALL-NATURAL SKIN CARE LINE whose products are made from
ALL-NATURAL AND PLANT-BASED (organic) ingredients.
Its products do not contain chemicals found in commercial brands,
and none of its products have artificial additives,
colours or fragrances that can potentially cause allergies
 pimples, sunspots and even cancer.
 And because they are manufactured locally, and available only thru direct selling,
ONO products are probably the most AFFORDABLE of its kind in the market today. 
So, one of their resellers/distributors is ONO Las Pinas on Instagram.

About the product
Ono D'tox Facial Mask
SRP: PhP 48
(I think it depends on the resellers/distributors due to their sf)
Product description:
 Detoxifications. Contains negatively charged minerals that absorb and trap positively charged irons
and eliminate them from the body.
Healing. Restores pH levels and prevents illnesses that come with acidosis
(or acidic state) in the body.

Zeiolite.Distilled Water.Essential Oils
How To Use:

1. Make sure the “mud" is well mixed inside the pack.
Some of the water may have separated in transit. 
assage the pack before opening to make sure it is re-integrated.
2. Wash & clean your face well, don't apply mask on dirty face.
Just finished taking a bath!
3. Open & pour a small portion into a clean bowl/container. You don't need a lot.
The contents of the pack can probably be used 5-7 times
(depending on how much you use, this is based on how I use it )
4. Apply mud generously on your face and neck.
If you need more mud pour more as long as you go along.
Reseal the plastic pack as best you can to avoid the water from evaporating.
Refrigerate after each use.
I applied the d'tox mask on my clean face and it has a mint smell and a minty feeling
5. Wait for the mask to dry.
( turns to light green)
The texture is becoming like a rock texture. It's rough but easily rub off
For about 5-10 mins it's completely dry and it turns light green
6. Once mask is dry, wash it off with clean water. DO NOT USE SOAP!
Rinsed off the mask on my face and it is so refreshing and
my pores closed and felt my face tighten.
 Verdict: You can use the d'tox mask pack for about 4-6 times max.
I love that it's an organic product yet it's very affordable!
I also love that it's locally available though you can order it online.
You'll just have to pay for the shipping too so better order more products than
one product only. 
What else? Just like I said, I love how it tightens my face and the minty feeling is very
relaxing and refreshing.

Will I purchase? YES! It's so cheap I think I'll hoard! seriously.

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Disclosure: This is not a sponsored nor paid post.
Products were provided for editorial purposes and giveaway.
Everything in this post is based from my own experience and my honest opinions.


  1. My face feels so oily lately, this seems like a nice product to try. Organic and cheap too! Thanks! :)

    Miss Eleigh Neux

  2. It is very helpful and informative article. Thanks for sharing your experience with us!! I am using Sakare products, because it really helps to moisturize my skin.

  3. Ohhh interesting! The one I'm using right now (also my first clay mask) is from Himalaya. It's effective but smell is VERY HORRIBLE :'((

    I noticed you feature a lot of local brands that are affordable. That's AWESOME! I've been searching good local brands. I LOVE IT.


    1. thank you! <3
      yes, I support local products. Not only it's affordable but I also want to help our local sellers.


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