May 08, 2015

Review: Organic Alley Sunblock

Hi everyone!! We went to Pagudpud again included my sister in law
who came home few days ago. I thought I wouldn't swim again
because last time I still got darker even I used Belo SunExpert with an SPF50 on it.
But!I can't resist the water calling me. haha. I felt like I mermaid.
And I'm glad I brought this with me Organic Alley's Sunblock Lotion with SPF30
(About Organic Alley - Kosher Certified Ingredients, Organic, FREE of Parabens, Lead, Pthalates, EDTA, Mercury, Petrochemicals, Sulfates, Alum, DEET, PEGs & Preservatives)
Before the water pulled me.. HAHA!
(around 2:30PM)
hashtag! #sundamage #sunNOTsafe
Applied this skin saver lotion to my skin before I sink in the water.
Organic Alley Sunblock SPF30
Product Description:
Always remeber that in choosing your protection product,
the SPF number is not the strength of protection but the amount of time one
can stay protected under the sun. Also, anything beyond SPF30 is not 100% organic.
And that the product has to be labeled as broad spectrum meaning it provides
protection against UVB rays ( that cause skin darkening and sunburn ) and UVA rays (that cause
skin cancer and skin aging)
Organic Alley's Sunblock provides UVB and UVA protection, hydrates and nourishes skin,
safe even for infants and pregnant women and is WATERPROOF and SWEAT PROOF.
100 ML - PhP650
50ML - PhP350
 Avocado oil, wheatgream oil, VCO and titanium dioxide

*Part of the proceeds of Organic Alley go to St Luke's Corridor of Hope, a support group for patients, family, friends and caregivers of people embattled with cancer. 
#BEATTHEHEAT #OrganicAlley
 Here are my photos the next day.
I did get a bit of color than the day before.
Though, I didn't have any sunburn or allergic reaction from the sunblock.
 Verdict: 4/5
Why?Because If I compare it to the Belo product this one is SAFER to use
Also, you enjoy the skin protection it gives because it doesn't have harmful effects.
I recommend this and especially to sensitive skin.
And as I said earlier, I didn't get too dark than the last time we went at Pagudpud.
So, why not try this one. It's worth it!Worth your money!

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