May 18, 2015

Review: Fair & Glow Milk Oat Face & Body Scrub

Hi everyone!! How's your day?
Super HOOOOT!As in the weather today is like on FIRE!!
WTH is happening on Earth..Please drink more than 8 glasses of water a day to beat this heat.
Other than that take a freaking loooong bath. hehe
And make time using the Fair And Glow Milk Oat Face & Body Scrub
(photo credits to fair and glow) 
You'll definitely love this while taking your bath time! Why? Find out more...
Product Description:
Feel your skin’s softness and smoothness with our oatmilk scrub specially
made with goats milk powder, oatmeal and dead sea salt also good for sensitive skin.

MILK – nourishes and softens the skin
OATMEAL – great moisturizer, protects skin conditions like eczema, rosacea and rashes.
DEAD SEA SALT – improves skin hydration, heals common skin
ailments like acne, psoriasis and allergies. 
 Price: PhP 170/200grams
In just 2 days I completely used all up this product since I super love the
combination of the smell of the oats and milk.
If I can just eat it all!lol
If you really want microexfoliation use this one. I mean, since I told you that I
consumed it for 2 days, it microexfoliated my skin and it helped absorbed the
effect of the  Fair And Glow soap I used with this one.
If you have sensitive skin, use it on your face but very fast.
It also has a slight sting when you rub it too much
so better apply and rub it gently.
It also helps with whitening since it scrubs off dead skin cells.
 Over all, I love this product.
-It has a really great smell of oats and milk
-Microexfoliation and  removes dead skin cells
-Helps other products to increase whitening effect.


  1. I love using oatmeal products. My facial soap has to be an oatmeal soap so I am happy to discover this one though I am a bit scared of using it on my face since it is intended for exfoliation

    1. actually its okay to use on the face. it's mild

  2. Oooooh oat meal, milk and dead sea salt just sounds great for our skin. I'm a sucker for all-natural skincare products such as these, will definitely try it out. :)

  3. That milk oat body scrub looks great! It's like I almost want to eat it. Haha!

  4. Sounds like a great body scrub! Where can I buy it? Is it available at supermarkets?

    1. online only. check @fairandglowmain on instagram

  5. I love using scrubs because it exfoliates my skin. Now this is a must try


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