May 18, 2015

Review: Fair & Glow Milk Oat Face & Body Scrub

Hi everyone!! How's your day?
Super HOOOOT!As in the weather today is like on FIRE!!
WTH is happening on Earth..Please drink more than 8 glasses of water a day to beat this heat.
Other than that take a freaking loooong bath. hehe
And make time using the Fair And Glow Milk Oat Face & Body Scrub
(photo credits to fair and glow) 
You'll definitely love this while taking your bath time! Why? Find out more...
Product Description:
Feel your skin’s softness and smoothness with our oatmilk scrub specially
made with goats milk powder, oatmeal and dead sea salt also good for sensitive skin.

MILK – nourishes and softens the skin
OATMEAL – great moisturizer, protects skin conditions like eczema, rosacea and rashes.
DEAD SEA SALT – improves skin hydration, heals common skin
ailments like acne, psoriasis and allergies. 
 Price: PhP 170/200grams
In just 2 days I completely used all up this product since I super love the
combination of the smell of the oats and milk.
If I can just eat it all!lol
If you really want microexfoliation use this one. I mean, since I told you that I
consumed it for 2 days, it microexfoliated my skin and it helped absorbed the
effect of the  Fair And Glow soap I used with this one.
If you have sensitive skin, use it on your face but very fast.
It also has a slight sting when you rub it too much
so better apply and rub it gently.
It also helps with whitening since it scrubs off dead skin cells.
 Over all, I love this product.
-It has a really great smell of oats and milk
-Microexfoliation and  removes dead skin cells
-Helps other products to increase whitening effect.


  1. I love using oatmeal products. My facial soap has to be an oatmeal soap so I am happy to discover this one though I am a bit scared of using it on my face since it is intended for exfoliation

  2. Oooooh oat meal, milk and dead sea salt just sounds great for our skin. I'm a sucker for all-natural skincare products such as these, will definitely try it out. :)

  3. That milk oat body scrub looks great! It's like I almost want to eat it. Haha!

  4. Sounds like a great body scrub! Where can I buy it? Is it available at supermarkets?

    1. online only. check @fairandglowmain on instagram

  5. I love using scrubs because it exfoliates my skin. Now this is a must try


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