June 15, 2015

Kilay problem?Check This Out...

Who's a kilay addict here!?**me raises both hands**
yes! Guilty as charged. Ever since I knew makeup and love makeup.
I've been on my rollercoaster on doing my brows and tweezing and creating different
styles of brows that will be appropriate to my face.
I'm no pro and I still struggle to do my brows! Way before, my college friends will do them
and we called it "kilayectomy" (being in a nursing school the suffix -ectomy means surgical removal of a specified part of the body)

Anyway, now, thanks to Benefit newest app, the Benefit Brow Genie
will help you to fix your kilay problem

First, go to www.benefitbrowgenie.com

 Upload your photo,
looking straight ahead, no head tilt, your hair should be pulled back.
 and let it load...
and here goes the magic!!

angle 1
 angle 2
 angle 3
 Look at that! It teaches you where to clean up those unwanted hair growth
 Here's a before and after photo!
 Will you use this as your brow guide? or shape your own brows?

For me?I'll try to use this guide to shape my brows and clean up the unwanted hair.
It's actually fun. Just try it.


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