June 02, 2015

Haul: Retail Therapy

Hi everyone!! Yesyes as usual even I really really try to keep it going and updated
I still have a lot of backlogs.. Do I have to let go on something?I try to handle
my IG/FB/Youtube/Blog and sometimes I think my health is already out of line. 
Please, can someone help me.. like serious help, how I can manage my time blogging/YT/
sleep and work?I sometimes have to wake up early just to edit.. But actually,
you know what after a tiring day, when Im done with all of it. I feel so accomplished. 
I just need a TIME MANAGEMENT! help pls. :) hehe
 I don't know why I'm feeling emotional lately, is it the hormones or the environment
or the social media itself?
That's why I told myself today I need some retail therapy.
Above are the products I bought today. If you want to know the names of the products,
keep on reading. :*
First, I always go to Watsons(Mall Of The Valley Tuguegarao)
Before heading there, I have so much in mind what to buy but ended up buying only these 3 items
which aren't on my "mind-list"
*Finess Oil Control Sheet with Green Tea Scent
PhP 39.00
 *Finess Oil Control Sheet
PhP 31.75
*Garnier Light Complete
PhP 25.00
Watsons Total: PhP 95.75

And here are the products I bought from HBC
...tell me about it, this is impulsive buying.. We passed by on HBC and there, I bought many stuff.
  The first thing that caught my eye is this 
*Sansan Collection Champagne Temptation Blush Mosaic
Price: PhP 125.00
 *Sansan HD 2way cake foundation in Natural
Price: PhP 193.00
 *Sansan age defense lipstick in Pink 01
which actually doesn't look PINK! haha
Price: PhP 126.00
 *Sansan Lip Liner in Pink and Brown
Price: PhP 60.00/each
 *Sansan waterproof pen in Black
I almost forgot how much I love this product! That's why I repurchased today!Yiii
Price: PhP 98.00
*Sansan Waterproof Mascara
Price: PhP 145.00
 HBC Total: PhP 807.00

 And yes, now I'm happy! Me and my loves ate at Goto King.
(For more photodiary, check out my Instagram account)


  1. We have the same blush ate kali! Parang kamuka nung nasa revlon :)

    1. true! kaya it caught my eye kahit di ko pa sya natry e! haha


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