June 28, 2015

Review: HBC Hortaleza Color Hair Spa

 I really like..as in really really really like to change my hair color asap..
but I can't since my hair is like SUUUUper duper damaged from.
I need my hair to grow faaast so I bought this at HBC because
I need a hair spa for my hair and it caught my eye because not only 
that it's a hair spa but it also has a color.
So I thought it's the closest I can get to change my hair color without
further damaging my hair.
HBC Hortaleza Professional Vibrance
I like the packaging since it's secure with this.
You can even recycle this after you emptied this.
Color HairSpa with Henna + Keratin
in Chestnut
~Brings out beautiful color and brilliant shine to hair.
It also repairs dull and damaged hair, recharging it with new 
strength and elasticity. Safe to use even after hair treatment procedures
such as perming, rebonding, relaxing and straightening.
1. Shampoo hair. Rinse and towel dry.
2. Evenly apply to hair sections starting to 1/8" from the scalp.
3. Wrap hair in shower cap or process hair under steaming/heating cap for 15/20 mins.
4. Shampoo and condition hair. Rinse thoroughly.
 Price: PhP 130+(?) I forgot..I don't know where I left the receipt.
Net wt. 200g
 It has a paste like texture but not sticky and
does not have an overpowering scent though
it has the chemical smell.
 Here are before pics(I already took my bath and shampooed my hair)
My hair color is like golden or copper brown
 I actually hate my hair now because of the brassy color plus it's very dry.
 and here are the photos after I rinsed it.

Verdict: 3/5
I actually love the hair color it gave. Super true to its said color "chestnut".
Packaging is a thumbs up. It gave a little shine on my hair but it didn't
actually soften my hair. But that's alright it's the color I want. 

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