July 30, 2015

Review: Natura Organics All Around Stick

Hi everyone!
Yes to organic <3

I received these colorful babies last July 24. Mother/Doc Mel of @realnaturaorganics
generously sent me these because she loves me. haha!
I'm like a little sister to Doc Mel. We love chatting late at night.
Anyway, I'm so glad when I got these. I was planning beforehand to order
these kind of tinted balms from another shop back when I was in Q.C.
but I can't remember what stopped me then. Or maybe it was an instinct?

Organic & Vegan with SPF15
All Around Stick

Product Description:
100% Vegan & Natural & 92% Organic formula was designed to be
used as a cream blush, eye shadow and a lip tint.
Pure fruit pigments in a base of skin and lip softening and
moisturizing shea and cocoa butters with conditioning Vitamin F Forte™.
Highly concentrated with anti-aging vitamins and antioxidants.

For Whom
For all (universal). For those who desire a natural hint of color and dewy soft finish.
It came in a sleek, metallic like box that contains the brand's logo,
the product type, the product description and ingredients
plus a round sticker for the product shade.

It was actually hard for me to open the box without
ruining the opening cover.
Bought: FREE
Intro Price: PhP 185(Until July 31)
Regular Price: PhP 275
Other Promo: Buy 3 Get 1 Free

While the packaging of these balms are the same tube with other balms
we see readily available at the drugstore/malls except the sticker/label color
matches the its content. So, you actually don't need to swatch to know the color
of the balm

I received 4 shades which are
Cranberry Glow
Peach Glow
Grape Glow(which is the first one that caught my eye)
Strawberry Glow
Though, the first shade I tried was the Strawberry Glow
(obviously,check the photo the sharp line was gone already) 
And here it goes, the swatches on my arm
with flash
 natural lighting
And here are the swatches on my eye/cheek/lips
So sorry for my face here. I only filled in my brows. No foundation, no powder
on my face. I simply applied the swatches directly on my face. wooh *explain'explain*
Which is the most pigmented of them all.
I like wearing it on my lips and cheeks because it gives
the perfect blush and a very wearable red at work

I like it on my eyes/cheeks because it gives the warm/sunkissed glow.
Perfect for summer time.
I'm not really a coral/peachy shade wearer because it looked like I ate lechon.

Grape Glow
I thought it will look like plum or berry. It's really "grapes" in color.
I like it on my eyelids and lips. Except for the cheeks, 
Seemed Gothic. haha

Strawberry Glow
Least pigmented yet so pabebe like shade.
I love it on my cheeks for a natural blush and girly girly lip color.

I like the pigmentation of each color.
You can brighten your mood or go a lil edgy if you want too.

For the eyes
-It can be a great base/eyeshadow primer.
But you can only use this for the eyes if you'll apply an eyeshadow that
matches the shades of the balm. You cannot apply the cranberry glow on your eyelids
and then apply a green e/s.
It won't work that way.

For the cheeks:
I love the cranberry glow because it's so pigmented.
I love the peach glow for a warm look and the
strawberry glow for natural looking blush.

For the lips:
I can wear all the shades depending on my mood and the weather. hihi.
But I still hope they can come up a bright pink and fuchsia or plum shade.
Not really fan of the scent. Too fruity.
(Medyo bawasan mo lang amoy ng air freshener)
The colors are pigmented
Long lasting(depends if you eat a mouthful of
and free from chemicals!
If you want to order or check out other products from
natura organics
check out their IG: @realnaturaorganics
they also have resellers
This is not a sponsored nor paid post.
Everything in this post is based from my own experience and my honest opinions.  

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