July 06, 2015

Review: Mesha Organics Mesha Creams

 Hi organic lovers!
Here's a healthy switch from your commercials BB creams to
these organic creams from Mesha Organics
I bought 2 shades which is Porcelain and Au Naturale shade. 
 I haven't bought BB creams in quite a while now since the BB creams in the market
are like foundation that has a thick coverage.
Mesha Cream in Porcelain
with SPF100
price: PhP 189.00
 Product Description:
Organic blemish balm cream that covers and
hides skin imperfections and blemishes.
Whitens the skin and prevents further breakouts.

Sakura flower --- rich in antioxidant, brightening skin, anti-aging, whitening
Bearberry --- antioxidant,
Witch hazel --- anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, moisturizer,  sun protection
Shea Butter --- moisturizer, collagen production, acne and scar healing
Powdered Micas --- pigment and color, gives the dewy or shimmery finish
 Mesha Cream in Au Naturale
with SPF100
 Has the same product description and ingredients with Porcelain
they only differ in shade.

 Au Naturale

Packaging - a small plastic pump bottle with its top cover which
is also the stopper to prevent it from messing your makeup bag.
It has a special sticker(which cannot be easily removed by water)
with the shop's name, product name, product description, ingredients, and contact info..
There's no manufacturing date indicated though.
Content - both creams smell very sweet! I even let my bf smell one because I told him
it somehow reminded me of a candy or a lollipop that I can't remember what name..
Shade - the "au naturale" shade matches my skin perfectly..it's like my second skin.
While the Porcelain is whiter(I think it's perfect for those who have korean-like skin tone.
Both also settles on the face great but Porcelain leaves a white cast.
SPF 100 - ofcourse there's no 100% sunscreen protection..spf45 gives 98% sunprotection..
so maybe this one gives 99.9%.. but if you really want to be sun protected
you must at least apply this again after 3 to 4 hours..
Rating: 4/5----
It is fast drying so blending it right away is a MUST.
For combination and oily skin.
It gives a light coverage. Favorable to cover redness and make your skin look bright and fresh..
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This is not a sponsored nor paid post.
Everything in this post is based from my own experience and my honest opinions. 


  1. In reality your creative writing abilities have intensified me to get my own blog nowadays.

  2. Hi Ate Karen! Benta mo na lang sakin yun porcelain shade pls.

    1. order ka n lng sa mesha sis. hehe ginagmit ko din kasi.. hehe cant let go. :)


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