July 13, 2015

Review: Nature Essentials Brow Pomade

 Hello again! And another makeup + organic product I am featuring today.
Another Nature Essentials product which is their Brow Pomade.
Inspired by the famous Anastasia BH brow pomade.
I have a weakness with brow products because I love using different
eyebrow products and shades that will be perfect
and give me the "eyebrows on fleek!"
 So click READ MORE to know if I love this product or not
Bought: Free
Price: ?
Shade: Auburn
(I don't know how many shades they have but I know they have gray also
and how I wish I got that shade instead of Auburn..)
 When you open the product, it seemed darker so I thought it would match my hair.
 As I swatch it on my arm it's super pigmented like wow!
And it's color was not the color I was expecting. It really is auburn in color.
 Even though I know it didn't match my hair color,
I applied it on my brows to know its texture, if its easy to apply
like my fave L.A. Girl Gel liner and to know its longevity.

no foundation or anything.. Just my eyebrow pomade
 How I applied this product?
I used my pinkies collection angled brush and just dip the brush 
onto the top very lightly and then started to outline my brows
and then lightly filling in the center and what's left on the brush
I applied on my inner brows.

My thoughts?
Packaging: 5/5

The brow pomade is cream based.
Though, when I opened it the first time,
the top part of the brow pomade is slightly oily.
So the first time I dip the brush and applied it on my brows it turned out
a little messy because it easily smudged and the cream didn't stick to the brows well
so I wiped it off and it left a stain. As I used the product once in a while,
I noticed that the oily part is gone(It's just the top part)
and now the cream left is semi matte.(Though, I really suggest to make it more matte
and this will be one of the perfect brow product ever)

The color is super pigmented. A little goes a long long waaaaay. 
No exaggerations. Blending is very easy and right application is a MUST because if 
you start on the inner part of your brows it's too obvious and not good to look at.

Longevity?It you're not super sweaty like me it will last the day.
A smudge on areas like the skin but it stayed on the brows itself.
It isn't smudged proof nor waterproof. So removing of the product is easy.

The only thing I don't like about this is the color. ugggh.. Maybe(check the photo above) if 
all my hair looks like the tip of my hair which has it's reddish brown color it would
perfectly match the shade. Too bad I haven't dyed my hair lately because I'm letting it grow.

Overall: 4/5

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This is not a sponsored nor paid post.
Everything in this post is based from my own experience and my honest opinions.

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