August 28, 2015

Review: Blushberry Farm Coffee Scrub Soap

Hello dream catchers! <3
Another soap that I felt inlove with.
As in...
Here's Blushberry Farm's 
Bought from: FREE
Price: PhP 180

August 25, 2015

Review: Nature Essentials Skin Confidence Jelly Beads Scrub

 Hello dream catchers!
Yes! Another Nature Essentials product.
I received a lot already from ate Charm.
I feel blessed to meet her and not just "sis", I call her "ate" na. :)
I've been using this Jelly Beads Scrub

Bought: Free
Price:PhP 750

Youtube: Ever After High Makeup Collaboration

Hey dream catchers! <3
I've always wanted to be a doll and definitely a princess when I was young.
(Though Im still young pa naman)haha!
But felt so old when I knew that the princesses I loved before actually
has highschool children :(

And The #TeamCollab biggest collaboration happened.
Our Ever After High Makeup Collab.
Ahhhh please watch everyone's video.
and you'll be amazed <3

August 22, 2015

Youtube: Ethereal Makeup Tutorial

Hey dreamcatchers!
This has been on pending for a very long time!
And I can't even..ugh.. it really suits my theme
for my blog and for my new name..
"Dream Catcher"
Why? I feel like I am chasing my dreams now.
I feel I'm in the moment.
This "Ethereal Makeup Tutorial" is actually my
personal favorite.
It's not really that glamorous but I like the pastel and freshness in me.

Review: Skin Empire Majestic Creams

Hey dream catchers! long time no blog. lols.
I'll tell you if my duty is 8am to 4pm then it means I can hardly post here
because of the time. huhu
Anyway, this blog should be posted last night pa but because
the internet sucked bigtime. 
bought from: FREE
price: PhP350?
Product Description:
An all natural and most effective ingredients combined to
provide multiple anti-aging benefits. Instantly transformed look is achieved!
Skin looks flawless, radiant and healthy. Experience a smooth,
softer and supple skin.
It has SPF35 to protect you from harmful rays of the sun.
Not just an ordinary cream, you can also use this as a primer before putting
your makeup on. Even those dark spots will lighten.

August 15, 2015

Review: Blushberry Farm BB Cream

Sometimes, you really just want to go out without any makeup on.
When you want your face to hibernate or be free of those thick foundations.
And whenever I felt that way but still want to have a fresh face
outside I used a BB cream.
BB cream has been my "nagmamadaling look" 3-5 minute makeup look.
What I love BB creams is that it always has a sun protection factor. It always come with 
a lot of benefits for the skin.

Supposedly, I'm going to order this from Blushberry Farm because its a natural/organic
BB cream. Super healthy and cruelty free. But sis Marie said she'll send it to me for free. Waaah! So generous of you ate talaga. Actually, it wasn't the bb cream alone she sent me.
There were other products that I love to blog also.

Blushberry Farm BB Cream
Bought From: FREE
Price: PhP320/15gm  

August 14, 2015

Youtube: All Time Favorite Skin Care Products

Hi everyone! So we decided to collaborate on our
all time favorites!
Me and team collab sisters distributed the faves to foundation, eye makeup
and lip products and ofcourse mine is SKINCARE! lols
 From cheap, average to expensive.

To know the products mentioned in the video better click READ MORE :)

August 12, 2015

Review: Nature Essentials Nature Cure Cream

 Hello there! Finally! I can now post my feedback for the
Nature Cure Cream from my ate Charm of Nature Essentials

So, here's a backstory first.
Last July 24, I was about to film for a makeup tutorial and I needed
my hair to be curly. So instead of velcro rollers I used my 2-in-1 curl and straight iron to
perm my hair because its faster and because of my kaartehan I accidentally
let the curler touched my skin! Oh God that hurt really bad! It was so hot
and you couldn't imagine my reaction. :O waaa..

And after a while, it stung and I applied my emergency hydrocortisone cream
but didn't feel any better. So, I let it be. While I was browsing through my IG,
I saw Julia's(shopperhoarder) post about nature cure cream and asked her.. etc..and
as well told Ate Charm what stupidity I have done. huhu

August 10, 2015

Review: Skin Empire Lip Smoochies

Manic monday?hope your week started good cause I am. :)
I love my schedule even it's graveyard shift. 
I able to finish a lot of things and able to work more post, makeup and collabs.

Here's a review to Skin Empire's Lip Smoochies.
Received six shades

Product Description:
A fruit-derived lip and cheek stain infused with (fruit) extract
and collagen to nourish lips and cheeks.
It delivers a more natural and radiant glow.

Bought from: FREE (they are actually based in Sta.Ana, Manila)
Price: PhP150/5ml

August 09, 2015

New!! Glam Skin Soaps

Yummy skin food!!! <3
From Cebu with love. These all natural skincare product will surely
make your skin fair, smooth and young!

Bought: FREE
Price: Ranges 150-180 pesos exclusive of shipping fee

August 07, 2015

Review: Edens Paradise Flying Piggy

Hi everyone! Another product that is for sure will be a hit.
Not only for me but also to you! =)
Pretty Cris of Edens Paradise sent me these bubblegum flavor balms
which is called "Flying Piggy".  *oink*
I already posted these on instagram(follow me @karenlizescobar 
to be photo/video updated) short vids and photo of these flying piggy balms.

Just to have a clearer view of the swatches,
I know I need to upload a better version and 
that's why I also upload a video. <3

August 05, 2015

Review: Skin Bliss DD Cream

 I'm all about finding the good stuff on the market.
Not only good but also affordable finds!
I'm actually kuripot and practical that's why I tend to catch
some great and affordable finds to post here on my blog.

I've been a fan of BB creams and CC creams. They're like everywhere and
every drugstore and highend products have their own line of these creams.

And now, thankfully, I get to try a DD cream. Yes! DD Cream from Skin Bliss.
Bought: Free
Price: PhP 270.00/15grams
 Product Description:
A dynamic do-all cream is an all-in-one tinted cream that 
not only corrects but really protects your skin from external aggressions.

August 04, 2015

Youtube: Pin Up Makeup Tutorial

Hi everyone! I'm like back on track now. haha. :)
--don't forget to subcribe on my channel.
Classic Pin Makeup Look is one of my fave look from all time.
I love seeing this look to Kat Dennings.
Anyway, continue to know the products
I've used to create this look.

August 03, 2015

Review: KJM Cosmetics Cheek&Lip Stain

Happy AUGUST everyone!!
wooo.. grabe! time flies sooo fast talaga.
Konting tumbling na lang birthday ko na naman. haha
 Anyway, I've bought these lip and cheek stains from @kjmcosmetics.
Yes!I have to buy 10.. I first saw some swatches to sis Julia of
@shopperhoarder (she's actually one of the most followed organic reviewer on IG)
and then I checked the account of KJM and voila! saw these 10 swatches on a paper
and I just can't decide which one to buy so that's why I ended up buying 10. #hoard #excuses
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