August 09, 2015

New!! Glam Skin Soaps

Yummy skin food!!! <3
From Cebu with love. These all natural skincare product will surely
make your skin fair, smooth and young!

Bought: FREE
Price: Ranges 150-180 pesos exclusive of shipping fee
Beautiful Ms. Katch actually sent out free samples
and I'm one to luckily received some <3

When I received the package and opened it, it smells deliciously
that I almost want to eat it or open it and let it stay as an aromatherapy on my room.
And what else caught my eyes are the design label of each soap. Plain and Prints is loooove!
I usually look for the product description on IG.
Ofcourse, we want to have a preview on what soap we need for our skin issue. 
And unfortunately they missed out on that part. 
Anyway, the labels on the soap are quite obvious what they meant for.

So, here are the soaps I received..and actually haven't tried any of the soap yet!

Rosy White
Whitening Bar
Tomato Extract
Mulberry Extract
Seaweed Extract 
Fruit Acid

Collagen Placenta
Anti-Aging Bar

Full Bloom
Complexion Bar
Carrot Extract
Grapeseed Oil
Aloe Vera Extract
Tea Tree Oil

Poreless Wonder
Refining Bar
Witch Hazel Extract
Olive Oil
Aloe Vera Extract

Fair Enough
Whitening Bar
Bela Arbutin
Mulberry Extract
Papain Enzyme
Witch Hazel Extract
Fruit Acids

Actually, I'm still thinking what to try first.
My options are Full Bloom and Fair Enough. hihi

Hey! Actually they have an ongoing promo a BUY1TAKE1!!
oops!!Until today only aug 9 2015

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