August 03, 2015

Review: KJM Cosmetics Cheek&Lip Stain

Happy AUGUST everyone!!
wooo.. grabe! time flies sooo fast talaga.
Konting tumbling na lang birthday ko na naman. haha
 Anyway, I've bought these lip and cheek stains from @kjmcosmetics.
Yes!I have to buy 10.. I first saw some swatches to sis Julia of
@shopperhoarder (she's actually one of the most followed organic reviewer on IG)
and then I checked the account of KJM and voila! saw these 10 swatches on a paper
and I just can't decide which one to buy so that's why I ended up buying 10. #hoard #excuses
 BOUGHT: @kjmcosmetics 

PRICE: PhP 100/10 ml
Shipping fee excluded
 Healthy color stains
Roll on type, not the usual tube with the lip wand.
A bit "minimalistic" type of label.
Aqua, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol
(each product has a different ingredient on it)

Here are the swatches on my lips
Sorry, If I didn't bother swatching on my cheeks because
it's actually hard to remove when I swatched it on my arm.

1.) Bewitched
2.) Girl Talk
3.) Summer Kiss
 4.) Tango
5.) Pink puff
6.) Dolled
7.) Bittersweet Magenta
8.) Bloodshot
9.) Vibe
10.) Fused

My top 3 fave shades are
~Pink Puff

~affordable for PHP 100
~longevity: up to 3-4hours (drinking/eating)
compared to My Etude House dear darling tint
\which lasted for an hour only(without eating/drinking)
~Actually tried the transfer test when the product is  already settle on my lips
and the product didn't transfer on the back of my hand
~Fruity scent but not overpowering
~No bitter taste
~A little product goes a long way
~I love the colors (More pink shades pls hihi)
~Kiss proof :)

~I prefer a tube with the lip wand.
I believe it's an easier application
~Stains teeth as well if your application is wrong.
(lol! At first 2 stains, I stained my teeth kasi, and after a while
I knew the technique on applying it)
~Building up the color on your lips may just make the stain bled
and produce feathery look on the side of your lips so just maintain the
"stained" look

I actually don't know if it's a Pro or a Con but it can't be easily removed by 
a makeup wipe/makeup remover! Even I ran it on water a while ago,
it wasn't removed easily. But, it was easily removed by soap and water.

To repurchase?Yes, maybe, I'll let Ms. Kareen to create
more beautiful shades to choose from before ordering again.

Thank you!

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This is not a sponsored nor paid post.
Everything in this post is based from my own experience and my honest opinions. 

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