August 28, 2015

Review: Blushberry Farm Coffee Scrub Soap

Hello dream catchers! <3
Another soap that I felt inlove with.
As in...
Here's Blushberry Farm's 
Bought from: FREE
Price: PhP 180
Any coffee lovers out there? Aside from me. lol.
I just had my morning coffee and thought of this soap again which 
I already run out. I swear that this is a HOLY GRAIL soap. (yes holy grail!)
Product Description:
Exfoliate and nourish your skin naturally with coffee scrub soap!
Coffee grounds exfoliate dead skin cells while a combination of natural oils,
goats milk, and shea butter help restore lost moisture.
You will love the skin- loving benefits of handmade soap.
It does not strip the moisture from your skin but instead
leaves your skin feeling clean and moisturized.

Packaging: in a cutsie wrapped plastic with a string which was kinda a weave?(tama ba?)
Sorry, I'm so terrible on describing things. hahah!
Plus the packaging had the sticker label that describes the soap
"Coffee scrub soap
Anti-cellulite, moisturizing, anti-oxidant
100% natural hand made artisan soap"
`Freshed brewed coffee
`Coffee extracts
`Coffee grounds
`Shea butter
`Saponified coconut
`Grapeseed Oil

The ingredients above already gives you the impression that this
soap has a lot to offer for your skin!
Aromatherapy: Imagine that you went inside a Starbucks Coffee Shop.
That's the fragrance this soap gave.
I super love the smell talaga! I rated it 101%
Too biased since I'm a coffee addict. :))
Seriously, not only the scent is so perfect. The scent stays on skin
for a longer period of time even after rinsing.

Verdict: 5/5
This soap gave an instant whitening every after use.
Does not easily melt.

Tried coffee scrub from a different shop and if I'll compare that to this one.
This is more skin friendly unlike the other one which was kind of abrasive.(for real)
 The coffee scrub is not harsh on the skin and it's very fine and separated.(gets?hihi)
Anyway, whenever I used this coffee scrub I let it stay for a very long time
and I repeat scrubbing some areas since I
love the smell and how it exfoliates my skin.
And when I rinsed, I love seeing the coffee like color on the tiles because
it gave me the satisfaction that old dirt and germs were scrubbed away.
This HG(holygrail) soap moisturizes and exfoliates. If you read the ingredients
you already know why. It has shea butter, honey and grapeseed oil and coffee itself
gives anti-ageing effects.
I just had one pimple after using this maybe because I was too hard on my face
because I kept scrubbing and scrubbing on my face.
But I think allergic reactions and irritation has 1% chance only since this is a Natural soap.

I think that's the end of my review.
If you have any Q's feel free to ask on the comment section below

Will I purchased this one?YES! Definitely I will after I finished all my soaps..hihi

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