August 25, 2015

Review: Nature Essentials Skin Confidence Jelly Beads Scrub

 Hello dream catchers!
Yes! Another Nature Essentials product.
I received a lot already from ate Charm.
I feel blessed to meet her and not just "sis", I call her "ate" na. :)
I've been using this Jelly Beads Scrub

Bought: Free
Price:PhP 750

Product Description:
A unique and cutting edge approach to exfoliation for all skin types,
even the most sensitive: with no abrasive particles,
the exfoliator is a combination of high performance Lavender Buds and Pearl Powder,
high tolerance for skin that radiates purity.
A delightful face and body scrub where skin's texture transforms
upon application after first use, an instant and
long term whitening effect.
On contact with the skin, it transforms into a milk that gently
removes dead skin cells and impurities during rinsing.
Continued use gives you brighter, younger-looking skin as dark spots are prevented,
and your skin is firmed, moisturized, and protected from environmental damage.
Suitable for all skin types.

*Anti-chicken skin
*Acne prevention to face and body
*Cleanses all impurities and dead cells
*The skin is supple, comfortable, incredibly smooth and velvety
*Skin texture is visibly refined
*The skin glows with new radiance

Packaging: Comes in a 100ml bottle; the opening/cover is on the bottom side
which is convenient so all the products will be pulled downwards because of gravity.(ahah lalim)
Scent: I thought it will be an orange or citrus scent because of the obviously it's orange in color.
Before I actually read that it has "lavender" which is the actual scent of the product.
I honestly don't like the "lavender" scent generally but this one
is actually mild that I don't mind at all.
Jelly Beads Scrub:
For the face, it actually acts as a great facial cleanser because it isn't harsh nor abrasive
and a great exfoliant also. It is very mild on the face that I use this everyday.
For the body, I actually love applying this on my underarm,
shoulders, elbows and knees. I sometimes don't apply on my whole body since 
it melts and slides easily. I apply mostly where I think I need nourishing and exfoliation.
Over-all, it gives a radiant finish not only in the face but also the body. 
Transforms skin into a smooth texture.

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you may ask @natureessentials

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