August 12, 2015

Review: Nature Essentials Nature Cure Cream

 Hello there! Finally! I can now post my feedback for the
Nature Cure Cream from my ate Charm of Nature Essentials

So, here's a backstory first.
Last July 24, I was about to film for a makeup tutorial and I needed
my hair to be curly. So instead of velcro rollers I used my 2-in-1 curl and straight iron to
perm my hair because its faster and because of my kaartehan I accidentally
let the curler touched my skin! Oh God that hurt really bad! It was so hot
and you couldn't imagine my reaction. :O waaa..

And after a while, it stung and I applied my emergency hydrocortisone cream
but didn't feel any better. So, I let it be. While I was browsing through my IG,
I saw Julia's(shopperhoarder) post about nature cure cream and asked her.. etc..and
as well told Ate Charm what stupidity I have done. huhu
Ate Charm is really nice and generous. Two days after, I received a package
from her which included this healing cream.
I was so happy that I cry and instantly tried it out.

Nature Cure Cream
Bought from: FREE
Price: PhP 460/10g 
Product Description:
Nature Cure Cream is created using eco-responsible sourcing
and has Organic Certification. It promotes in-depth skin regeneration,
replenishes strength and firmness and leads to the effective repair of damaged skin.

The repairing performance of SKIN-REPAIR BIO has been
evaluated in a model of severe epidermal damage
eg. acne, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, scabies, ringworm, etc.)
or cutaneous injury (eg. burns or wounds).
Others are:
• Anti-aging and moisturizers for mature skin
• Post-operative/dermatological skin treatment (peeling, dermabrasion)
• Dry and/or atopic skin
• Sun burn treatments
• Face and body care for damaged skin (acne, cut, chapping)
• Can be used to combat the effects of post-acne imperfections
and can help in post-treatment skin recovery

 Just a simple white cream yet effectively heals wound.

So here's my photo to the day I had singed my skin and present
(click photo to enlarged) 
photos captured under natural light
 1st photo - July 24
2nd photo - July 27
3rd photo - July 30
4th photo - August 1
5th photo - August 12

Verdict: 4/5
Super happy because of its effectiveness. It helped me a lot 
and helped the healing to be faster than applying nothing at all.
Because in reality, we seldom apply any on our wounds or abrasions.
We just let it heal and clean with cleansing soaps or with betadine or so.
It was turning a little itchy on its first 4 days because
tissue formation is happening. So, I kept applying the product to
 alleviate the itchiness (plus it looked like a hickey!duh)
Days go by, itchiness and redness was gone and
I noticed that it was getting lighter
and lighter that it doesn't look like a scar at all.
Along side, 2 days ago I started applying maracuja oil also to moisturize
the area and to even out my skin tone.

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