August 05, 2015

Review: Skin Bliss DD Cream

 I'm all about finding the good stuff on the market.
Not only good but also affordable finds!
I'm actually kuripot and practical that's why I tend to catch
some great and affordable finds to post here on my blog.

I've been a fan of BB creams and CC creams. They're like everywhere and
every drugstore and highend products have their own line of these creams.

And now, thankfully, I get to try a DD cream. Yes! DD Cream from Skin Bliss.
Bought: Free
Price: PhP 270.00/15grams
 Product Description:
A dynamic do-all cream is an all-in-one tinted cream that 
not only corrects but really protects your skin from external aggressions.
Self-adjusting pigments, anti-aging, promotes removal
of skin impurities, defends, even skin tone, minimizes pores,
removes blemishes, soothing, reduces redness, firming,
brightens, primer, visibly improves skin texture, refines skin,
matte finish, control shines and long wearing.
  Packaging: I don't know if I'm right to call it a "spray" kind of bottle.
Though when you press it, it's like spitting the product in a straight way
not like it showers or spreads. When you press it, the product tend to splat
on the back of my hand(my very own palette to mix foundation or
You cannot control the amount of product it will release so
the packaging is one of the downside or the "spray". If it was a pump bottle then it's great.
To use it and not waste any products, I transferred it to an empty and clean pot.
(Buti na lang natago ko pa. Lalagyanan ito ng scrub dati)
So, I put it all in this container. I can easily managed how much products I'll use.
Here are my photos for the face swatch!
I have to apply some kilay makeup naman. haha
 I applied sa half of my face, so you can check the difference.
Actually, if you notice the product looks beige but when I applied it, it's too white for me.
Also because it has a high spf of 70. The flash of the camera gives a whiter cast result.
I applied and blended using my fingers.
 On the next photo..Full face na.
Though, it isn't "pantay" because on the other side
I applied and blended the product using a kabuki brush.
It actually has a soft "matte" finish
  next photo..I am sweating too much! I need to apply
Maybelline's dream matte powder.
Plus, it also gave my face a little warmth. Not too much white na. hihi
white lady lang ang peg.
 I actually filmed a first impression review about this product
but I can't find it on my documents.
I didn't if it got corrupted or just misplaced it
on another folder. haha.

Over-all: 3.5/5

-Organic product
-Matte finish
-A lot of benefits especially it has a SPF70
-Photoready Airbrush (flawless) finish
-No overpowering smell
-For light to medium skin tone
-Creamy consistency
-Longevity: Up to 6 hours without touchup
-Foundation-like coverage

-Too white (but easily fixed with a beige/darker powder)

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Disclosure:This is not a sponsored nor paid post.
Everything in this post is based from my own experience and my honest opinions.

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