August 22, 2015

Review: Skin Empire Majestic Creams

Hey dream catchers! long time no blog. lols.
I'll tell you if my duty is 8am to 4pm then it means I can hardly post here
because of the time. huhu
Anyway, this blog should be posted last night pa but because
the internet sucked bigtime. 
bought from: FREE
price: PhP350?
Product Description:
An all natural and most effective ingredients combined to
provide multiple anti-aging benefits. Instantly transformed look is achieved!
Skin looks flawless, radiant and healthy. Experience a smooth,
softer and supple skin.
It has SPF35 to protect you from harmful rays of the sun.
Not just an ordinary cream, you can also use this as a primer before putting
your makeup on. Even those dark spots will lighten.

Not actually barefaced. I did my brows and applied lipstick.
But no foundation or powder or anything on my face
 First, I'm going to use the "dewy" finish
 Too much light. But the color of the product is white
 Bitch face! haha :p
I'm going to apply the product on the half part for the mean time.
In real time.. you should immediately apply the product.
 I'll explain later why.
 A very noticeable whitish effect.
Full faced with majestic cream in dewy finish
Thought: It didn't have the dewy finish at all actually.

 Next, Majestic Cream in Matte Finish
The "Matte" actually has the gold cover. The light reflects on it so it turned white on the photo 
 Same with the dewy, the content is color white
 And another "RBF"
 Once again, I applied the product on the half of my face
and again a very noticeable white cast finish
 Actually, the white cast adjust overtime
 I like the matte finish more

Verdict for both products
 `smells like melon
`shrink pores
`can be use as primer
`it has SPF30 that protects skin from UV rays. 
`Safe for pregnant & lactating moms

`doesn't have a dewy finish at all
`product content is grainy --- that's why it gives the powder finish as well
`gives a white cast(but actually it's alright since I only used this whenever I'm home)
`no noticeable whitening yet
`You should apply the product immediately because if you don't,
it will be harder to blend on your face

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