September 08, 2015

Review: Careline Lipsticks

Hello Dream Catchers!
So many lipsticks and I hope I can used different lipsticks and changed every hour. lol
Thanks to Ms. Denice Sy for sending these lipsticks
and for sharing more so I can hold a giveway =)

enriched with Vitamin E
Netwt. 3.4g
Made In China
Bought: FREE
Price: Php 120 each
Where to buy? Leading super malls/watsons
Received them brand new and sealed.
So, supposedly I'll add those for the giveaway but
even it was sealed I received them damaged already.
Anyway, packaging is plastic. White in color and has this silver flower pattern on it.
It easily rotates so the lipstick tend to touch the cover even it's closed.
At the base of the tube there's its label which has the shade, net wt,
stock, manufacturing date, batch

Butterscotch - Strawberry cone - Swift red - Lollipop - Taylor red - Cotton candy
Scent: I don't like the smell. A bit strong yet still tolerable.
I can't determine the scent but it isn't fruity, more on chemical-smell.

Here are my swatches on my arms
It's very opaque/pigmented and you can build up the colors
even more on your liking. It's more on satin and frosty finish
like the wet n wild silk finish lipsticks.

Tried to remove the swatches with water only.

Easily removed by makeup wipe.

Here are my lip swatches!
Butter scotch which has the best texture from all. I also like its color which is mauve
and its not so frosty and shiny.
Strawberry Cone which has a pink to red color
Swift Red which has a shiny bright red color
Lollipop which is a frosty baby pink color
Taylor Red almost the same color with Swift Red
I can't even differentiate from each other.
Cotton Candy which is a shiny bright pink color that makes
your lips so young

To make it less shiny, I blot my lips with tissue and buff over some powder

OVER-ALL, these lipsticks are good. If you can tolerate the scent. If you want affordable
and has great pigmentation then I recommend these lipsticks 
which you can also choose a shade because of the variety of colors they have.

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