September 20, 2015

Review: Glam Skin Poreless Wonder Soap

 Hello Dream Catchers!
I had my major breakout. It was my first time to had pimples which was more than 4 :( 
It's a big deal since I rarely had pimple. Now my face has pimple marks.
And this is the soap that rescued my face.
What?  Glam Skin Poreless Wonder Refining Bar
Price? PhP180/100g
Where To Order? GlamSkinPH on Instagram 

I actually received this and other soaps
from Ms. Katch. All the way from Cebu. So to my Visayas readers you can easily order from her. :)
`Witch Hazel Extract --- one of my favorite ingredient from all other.
It's a great astringent, tones skin and minimizes pores.
Witch Hazel is actually one of the major ingredient on other cleansing products as well.
`Olive Oil--- antioxidant, moisturizer, exfoliation
`Aloe Vera Extract
It's a 100% natural ingredient soap so allergic reaction,
or breakout has 1% chance only.
It is also not harsh nor irrirtating on the skin. It doesn't dry out my face.
It makes my skin refreshed and renewed too.
my face now. Healing and clearing :)
I think the only downside is that they're from Cebu and the shipping fee will cost
you much if you're from luzon area unless you hoard their products. hehe :)
Do I recommend this soap? Yes for combination type of skin like me.

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