September 21, 2015

Review: Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals Scruberry Lip Polisher

Hello there my Dream Catchers!
How's your day? Hope it's fine.
Did it ever happen to you that your lips were too dry and chapped
or dark because of everyday you're applying lipstick..
Because, sometimes I drink less water and as a lipstick junkie
I always apply and mostly swatch MATTE lipsticks that makes my lips cracked
especially ultra matte liquid lipsticks (trending lately)
So this is a MUST HAVE for me who joined the liquid lipsticks bandwagon.

What? Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals
Where to order? IG: Krave Minerale / FB: Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals 
Price: PhP 199.00
Product Claims:
SCRUBERRY LIP POLISHER with Shea butter & Rosehip seed extracts
Instant red lips that lasts..
Dark. Dry, Chapped & Wrinkled lips?
Scrub your way to smoother, softer, pinkish-kissable lips like a baby
Rich in vitamin E & A.

The product goes into a white plastic tub/jar.
On the top cover is the sticker label with the brand/type of product.
The product does not go all the way down. 
Looks like it's so full but it the product is just half of the container.
It is only 30 grams but the jar looks like it can handle about 30more.

I bought a spatula from a store that costs for 10pesos only.
I don't like spoiling my Scruberry. hihi

Taste/Smells: Strawberry. (Obviously) lol.

The Scruberry has sugar scrub for exfoliation
and has a color which is red that gives your lips
a natural tint.

How to use:
Use a spatula to get a right amount of product or just use cotton bud to prevent
staining my finger. Then, what I do is I use the cotton bud to get the product from the spatula
and applying it on my lips like so and just scrubbing it back and forth
for a minute or more that satisfies me.
And just gently wipe it off with a tissue. You don't need to rinse 
so the stain will stay on your lips.

So,this is how it looks like.. :)

It leaves your lips a oh-so-natural tint that stays for quite a while.
It exfoliates and scrubs off dry, dead skin from your chapped lips.
It is not harsh on the lips nor irritating. I didn't have any allergic reactions.
And it doesn't leave your lips dry but actually MOISTURIZED.
Thanks to the shea butter ingredients.
I recommend this to everyone even to guys.
I even tried it on my boyfriend and I love it. It left a very kissable lips. =P

Another fun fact I read from @KraveMinerale 's Ig account 
is that you can even apply it on your cheeks. I haven't tried it yet.
But it looks good because it will exfoliate your skin as well and leaves a rosy cheeks finish.

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