September 24, 2015

Review: Nature Essentials Hydrating Matte Lipstick

Hello my Dream Catchers!! :)
Yay! So happy after months of brainstorming with Sissy Charm and fellow beauty enthusiasts!
Finally! No more imagination, plans, drawings because it's here!It's out on the market.
I'm so proud to ate Charm for coming up and able to produce these lipsticks.

What? Nature Essentials Hydrating Matte Lipsticks
Price: PhP 799.00 each for 5.2g (not the standard lipstick size)
I know you'll be shock with the price because add more penny and you'll get a MAC lipstick for yourself.
But before you doubt, read why it's worth its price.
Where to buy?
*You can order online thru
or check their branches at
`Pop Culture Trinoma `Pop Culture SM Las Pinas `Dose Buendia Pasay
 Product claims:
`100% Natural
`Chemical Free
`Cruelty Free
`Lead Free
Highly pigmented, intensely rich in moisture, long lasting matte finish lipstick
that smoothly glides on lips.

Ingredients: (click photo to enlarge)
It goes with the box which has a bamboo design.
It has the labels, description, ingredients and contact number
and underneath the box is the name of the lipstick and its net wt

When you open the box and get the product. The tube is sealed with a plastic.
✓security! and aside from that, you'll be "wowed" with its unique look.
I haven't seen any design like this before until Ms.Charm showed it to me.
This packaging is quite big compare to other lipstick because its net wt is 5.2g.
But it isn't bulky. (With the cap the length will probably be 3.1inches.
Luckily, Ms. Charm generously sent all 5 shades and a few more other products that I'll try very soon.
So, here are the lipsticks!!! *wooohooo*
Pure Helen - Gorgeous Georgia - Sweet Charm - Sexy Amanda - Luscious Liz
It has a creamy texture and glides on skin smoothly.
Here's a swatch on my arm from capturing with natural lighting and with flash
It's matte obviously because there's no reflection or something glossy appeared from the flash. 
 Ofcourse, I know you may not read the things I wrote and go straight to the lips swatches actually.
So yeah, here is it...
First is,
Pure Helen
from its name already, the color is so wholesome because of its nude shade
You can use this everyday. I mean like every day! =)
 Gorgeous Georgia
It has a nude and pink color touch to it.
The perfect MY LIPS BUT BETTER (MLBB) shade
Sweet Charm
It's another nudish color with a touch of peach into it that gives a more radiant over all look
Sexy Amanda
 yes! A really sexy color. A very nice red shade that has a blue tinge into it.
Luscious Liz!
Can I be a little biased with this one? It's name right after me Liz from my Lizette. 
*sooo happy and kiligs!!!!*
I suggested this color that's why I was too excited for this one!
It's a plum color and a pink undertone.
Here's a photo when I placed it under running water and slightly rubbed it off.
Another test I did is gently wiping it off with a wipe. Makeup Wipe.
So,what's left is a stain.Which is the pink undertone of Luscious Liz.

 `PhP 799 -- the quality is worth its price.
Actually, with the packaging itself. I doubt you can buy it for PhP200pesos only.
`Ingredients -- it's ORGANIC baby
`There's no distinctive scent and no bitter taste. (Yes I actually taste it on the tip of my tongue..
I wasn't scared since it's safe and it's organic)
`Creamy matte
`long lasting up to 3-4 hours with drinking and eating
`you can retouch the color without removing the first coat you apply, it doesn't get chappy.
(Because some lipsticks need to be wiped off before applying again
because it tend to show off the dry skin on your lips)
`one swipe is already vibrant and then you can build up the color into your liking.
`smooth application on the lips
`it doesn't bleed

`I think the cap will get loose after a while. I think it should have a magnetic something on the cap
'Not transfer proof, not smudgeproof, not kiss proof (hello, you can easily retouch)
`Add more colors, I'm actually thinking pink shades and warmer reds.
`Sexy Amanda and Luscious Liz since they're the dark shades out of 5 -- needs improvement on its real shade and less on its undertone color.
(Anyway, Ms. Charm already knew that and already working on the formula)

I actually have a spare of Sexy Amanda shade and if you want to win,
join our giveaway. A collab giveaway with Lyn(makeupnurse)
and ofcourse Nature Essentials.

Here's the LINK to the giveaway!!
Giveaway ends on September 30!! 

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