September 07, 2015

Review: Shawill Terra Cotta Blusher

 Hello Dream Catchers!
You know how much I raved about these products on facebook and instagram.
As in..I'm obsessed with these blushes!
How I wish I should have bought all shades
so you can appreciate or choose.
Shawill Makeup has been on the market for quite a very long time.
Back in college, shawill is my makeup.
From foundation, concealer and lipsticks.
Bought: SM department store
You can also order online through Lazada
Price: PhP250.00 each
This is a made in China product.
But it isn't the type of China product that will just go to waste.
  How it looks like when you'll see it on Shawill counters
It has a very nice packaging that you can already see the shades of the blushes.

Okay, so first is my fave out of the two is Shawill TerraCotta Blusher in number 3.  
Because of my constant search for a great affordable highlighter I 
passed by Shawill and found this!
 First thing I noticed is the other shade looks like luminoso! look closely. haha
You know what I'm talking about. (Though, I don't have the luminoso yet)


Shawill TerraCotta Blusher in number 4 
What I love about this one is that you have a bronzer, pink blush and a porcelain shade.


 Other shades are...
credits to Lazada
This is Terra Cotta Blusher 01

 Terra Cotta Blusher 02

 I think both shades are great for natural illuminator/highlighter.

`Affordable for PhP250 and has 3 colors
`4 shades to choose from
`Great pigmentation
`Not too powdery
`No fall offs
`Longevity up to 4-6 hours max

`A blush brush can't get enough product. I have to used
flat top kabuki brush(small) or sometimes my fingers
 `I tend to be slightly oily/sweaty where I applied these blush
`No names for the shades, only numbers from 01 to 04

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  1. omg. The highlighting effect looks good on you! It gives healthy glow. It reminds me of Milani blush. I wanna try that too. Thanks for this review!

    1. thanks for reading. welcome. :) yes it really gives a great radiant effect.

  2. terra cotta number 3 is definitely amazing, I'm huge fan of peach blush

  3. Bongga!bet na net ko talaa to!di ko na palalagpasin pag napunta ako sa mall heehe


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