October 20, 2015

Review: Nature Essentials Lip And Cheek Mousse

Hello dream catchers! I know I've already did a video on these Nature Essentials Lip & Cheek Mousse on my youtube channel. Here's the LINK Nature Essentials Lip and Cheek Mousse swatches!!
Ms. Charm sent me the complete set that meant I got 5. I super love these lip and cheek mousse because they're not your regular stains because they're so pigmented and makes your lips so bright and makes your cheeks lifted and flushed and oh so natural. The lip and cheek has the lift and plump effect so you'll feel a (tolerable) tingling sensation after application.

Tender Love-Loving You-One Sweet Day-Crazy For You-I Think Of You
Where to order? Online thru Nature Essentials instagram or facebook account.

or Pop Culture Trinoma, Pop Culture SM Las Pinas and Dose Buendia Pasay
Price: Php 550.00/10mL
contains 70% organic ingredients and 30% minerals.
100% Natural
Chemical Free
Cruelty Free
Lead Free
Biodegradable ingredients
No Nano Particles
Coconut (Cocos Nucifera) Oil, Organic: Deeply penetrating moisturizer and antioxidant. Excellent skin moisturizing delivery system. Good for dry, itchy, sensitive skin; does not clog pores. In its virgin state it has a pleasant warm aroma of fresh coconut.
Flavour Oils: Natural fruit extracts suspended in a base of organic sunflower oil.
Jojoba (Simmondsia Chinensis) Seed Oil, Organic: A “liquid wax” that is very similar to the natural oil our skin produces. Moisturizing, soothing, and beneficial for all skin types. Contains a natural source of Vitamin E. Jojoba refreshes tired, dry skin. It is also reputed to have skin-firming and anti- wrinkle properties.Shea Butter (Butyrospermum Parkii) Fruit, Organic: Antioxidant, moisturizing, soothing. Helps dry skin, blemishes, skin discoloration, scars, wrinkles, and may improve elasticity.Peptight-3™- clinically proven complex to help reduce wrinkle depth, firms and plumps the skin.Vit F Forte- skin conditioning
Rich in free fatty acids in their natural, biologically active form
Additionally contains natural tocopherols
Smoothing and softening of the skin
Restructuring and repairing properties
Natural sun flower oil, not genetically modified

Here are the swatches
swatches of the lip and cheek mousse on my arm

*actually, I find it hard to do lip swatches in just a day as it leaves a pigmented stain on my lips. So what I did is that I applied foundation or concealer onto my lips before applying a lip and cheek mousse*

Tender Love
It's a very pabebe hot pink shade or barbie pink shade

Loving You
Pinkish red in color that makes your teeth looks white

One Sweet Day
The nudish brown shade which is my most fave from all because I can wear this like everyday! I mean everyday talaga.

Crazy For You
Brick red color

I Think Of You
This one is plum in color and it's like the lip and cheek alternative of the organic hydrating matte lipstick in Luscious Liz.

*CHEEK SWATCHES* to follow up soon!

 `Quite affordable for its quality. For PhP550.00 you already have a lip and cheek product, a unique packaging and has a 10ml amount of product on it.
`Has 5 shades to choose from
`Very rich in color
`Has a nice scent on it
`The slant doe foot applicator makes the application easier
`Has a plumping effect on the lips
`Longevity for the
lips:color lasts until you eat/drink and fades after but the stain that it left lasted the whole day until the next day
cheeks: stays forever. lol. It stayed the whole day!
`Perfect for a natural makeup or your go-to makeup

 `Quite bulky to bring
 `No box yet

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  1. I love the swatches! These lipsticks are so wonderful... I want them.


  2. Hi! :) Nice blog post! May I know ano po ang coloring ingredient ng lip and cheek mousse nila? Is it vegan and all natural, or do they use carmine (insect juice)? Sana dumami pa ang vegan cosmetics products in the philippines :) thank you :)


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