October 12, 2015

Review: Nature Essentials Nature Dream Soap

Hello Dream Catchers! How are you? I know I've been MIA again just because I have my vacation
and I really need that rest to unwind and just find myself and decide what to do about my dreams becoming to reality. hihi Speaking of dreams, here's a not so new product I have from my Nature Essentials family.
It's the Nature Essentials Nature Dream Soap. It isn't a soap that dreams. lol. But this soap will make you
sleep like you were "hele" by a lullaby.
 Product Claims:
`Skin Whitening
`Exfoliates dead skin
`Removes impurities
`Controls and dissolves sebum while thoroughly washing and purifying the skin
`For ALL skin type
Price: PhP 250.00 each
It comes in a square box (because the soap is square also)
which is a mint green in color that is very cool to the eyes
Once you open the product, the soap is still sealed with a plastic cover and you can already smell the soap here and it's very delish! Will go over the ingredients and why it smells like that.
 Multi fruid acid, vegetable glycerin, deoxyarbutin, borage oil, argan oil, rosehip oil and grapefruit and shea
As I go over the ingredients, it has the most moisturizing ingredients I've ever seen. Glycerin is a great remedy for dryness they say. Plus, it's a moisturizer that doesn't add more oil build up to your oily skin.
It really smells fruity. I'm just not good at the fruits scent thing but it doesn't have an overrated scent to it. It has a great aromatherap.

As I continue using this, I noticed that there were slight exfoliation on my face area but none on my body.
I also observed that my skin is radiant and glowing but no visible whitening.
What really took my attention to is the moisturizing effect it has. I have combination type skin if you're a new reader, so moisturizing my face is a must especially outside the T-zone area. But with this soap I can moisturize my whole face because it also has an oil control. I love glycerin. hihi.
So, over-all, I recommend this product since it's safe to say that this will work with every skin type.

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  1. Such a lovely review and thank you for sharing. :D

    1. thanks for visiting my blog :)
      you're welcome! <3


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