October 03, 2015

Review: Naturactor Cover Face Concealer Foundation

Hello my Dream Catchers!!!
Hello October!It's been a while since I posted.
I'm actually here at my place in Quezon City to unwind. lol
I stopped working for a while because I'm not happy. Anyway, before I impulsively decide something else. Here is, ofcourse, another makeup product review!

What? Naturactor Cover Face (140)
Price? PhP 500

I bought it from Ms.Shirleen the owner of Pretty Angel Shoppe at her branch
in Trinoma(specifically located at 2nd floor, inside pop culture)
She's so pretty and nice that she gave me some of her products too.
At first, I'm doubtful to buy this Naturactor even beauty bloggers rave about it.
Just because I thought I don't need to review this one since a lot already know how good it was.
But anyway, I still gave in. wahaha!
Thankful to Ms.Shirleen, I able to swatch before I buy at her branch.
First, about this product.
Product Description from their website
Naturactor Cover Face Concealer Foundation is our best seller. It is the most widely used product by Asian celebrities in Japan and all over South East Asia including Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, The Philippines, Thailand, China and Taiwan. It gives a perfect coverage that lasts for a very long time, in fact, the longer it stays on your face, the more beautiful it looks! Think of Naturactor Cover Face as your second skin, it blends naturally on your skin and can cover any imperfections including freckles, scars, melasma, dark spots even birthmarks.

Enriched with Vitamin E and Jojoba oil, using Naturactor Cover Face moisturizes your skin while removing free radicals that can cause premature skin ageing and sun damage. A little of this product goes a long way, a 20 gram Naturactor Cover Face Concealer Foundation lasts for more than 6 months even with everyday use. This product is both used as a concealer or a full coverage foundation. Try it now and know why the top make up artists and celebrities love Naturactor Cover Face!

Shades from their website
130 Very light shade. Gives vibrance to pale skin creating a rosy, youthful look. Suitable for very fair skin tone.

140 Light shade. Slightly deeper in color than 130 suitable for fair skin tone.

141 Medium shade. The translucence of this shade makes it suitable for fair to medium skin tone. Suitable for a natural look.

151 Dark shade. Suitable for creating coverage over scars and other major skin imperfection. Translucence of this shade makes it suitable for medium to dark skin tone. Best for brown skin tone.

171 Green shade. Neutralizes redness, superficial blood vessels, acne, blemishes, allergies, irritation and skin redness in general.

Jojoba Oil, Mica, Tocopherol, Euphorbia Antisyphilitica Extract.

Honestly, before checking out their website
I didn't even know if this naturactor product is a concealer or a foundation. So it was both.
Anyway, I have 3 choices if it's either 140, 141 or 151
and obviously I chose 140. I thought it's better to go lighter than darker.
Packaging: Plastic jar and contains 20g
Scent: No pungent smell

Here are my before, during, after photos.
Barefaced and just finished taking a bath
and please before scrolling, notice and identify my imperfections like redness,
dark undereyes and pimple marks
Applied half of my face to differentiate how light it was on my skin
But obviously, it has a full coverage as it covered my dark undereyes,
redness around the nose and pimple marks.
Applied on my whole face
And I noticed that it can turn a little cakey and "dry patches" are visible when your face is not moisturized. Yes, before I forgot to tell you that I didn't applied any moisturizer or primer
that may change the finish and longevity of the product
I just filled in my brows and yes I know it's too thick.
I used Nichido Brow duo kit..this photo is about 10mins after whole face application
It slightly adjusted on my skin tone and I didn't apply any translucent powder
to set the naturactor

here's my photo 3 hours after whole face application
my brow makeup already worn off..
and my dark undereyes are already visible but some areas still has its coverage.

Overall, without primer, without setting it with powder it lasted for 3 hours.
And that's really great!No wonder a lot rave about this.
It's a great concealer and foundation.
It doesn't have the heavy feeling on the face.
It is not sticky also. It's made in Japan and available here in the PH and
the price is worth it for its quality. Also a great highlighter for the face.

Any Questions?Just ask on the comment section below.

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  1. My sister has this and I like that it's creamy and the ingredients are natural :)

    CJ | From Manila with Love : Lifestyle and Beauty

    1. Yes I like it that it's creamy too. Some kasi medyo mahirap iblend pero ito ang dali lang

  2. Hi sis ok lang ba sya for oily face? Di ba siya nagccakey?


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