October 28, 2015

Review: Edens Paradise Lip Majikku

Hello my dreamcatchers! How are you today? With all these lips swatches of lipsticks, I've abused my oh so lips that it tends to get chapped and dry and also getting dark because of drugstore lippies. And with that said, I used to apply tinted lip balms to moisturize my lips or to make it pinkish and lovely to look at.
Thankfully, Ms. Cris of Edens Paradise sent me this as a freebie for my order of Choco Hazelnut cream.
 The product is Edens Paradise Lip Majikku (pronounce like "magic"-ku)
Price: PhP 199.00
Product Description:
Water based lip lightening serum made specially to lighten dark lips. Achieve soft, smooth (chapped-free/wrinkle free), pink, kissable lips.
Made of food grade sakura extracts, Vitamin C, A, E, spearmint, lip-safe colorings, food grade flavorings, and/or aloe vera leaf juice extracts, and/or chamomile extracts, and/or green tea extracts, (may contain very small amount of chili extract), and trade secret lip lightening extracts (all natural)
Comes in a roll-on type tube
(Above photo I already posted on my instagram)
Just like what I've told there it works like magic. I haven't tried any lip serum so I really can't compare this to any other product. Anyway, first it has a fresh flower scent that I actually lovelovelove. It isn't overpowering.Onto the application, it's easy because of the roll-on tube as the product is distributed well when applied to the lips. After application, you'll feel the slight stingy-minty cold sensation which is I'm super addicted to. why ms cris why is the feeling so addictive?haha!
The effect?It instantly moisturize and exfoliate your lips. An instant lip primer. It smooths and hydrates your lips and actually there's also a "plump" effect. Who needs lip injection right if you want the Kylie Jenner if you can purchase this for only PhP199 only. Plus, instant pinkish effect also not only instant but permanent effect as long as you keep using this. I super love this and definitely will purchase this.

Have you tried this?share your review/experience on the comment section below.

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  1. I just got mine from shopee..lets see if this really works on me but im excited to use it because what i read in this blog..i will update

  2. Got mine from shopee also. But I might say its synthetic and not authentic. Why? Coz, my lips dried up instantly after a minute of use. It didn't came a roll-on type instead, it came with a lip gloss tube. Plus, after putting on just a litle bit on my lips it actually dried my lower and upper lip and flaked! Heck?! This is a lip serum right? It treats, moisturized and plump your lips..not the other way around..right?but this one that I purchased online did worst to my lips! Now I am suffering with much darker lips instead of having a lighter one and way to drier than before. I stopped using this product for three days now but up until today, it is still dry and flakky and darker ever than before. Tomorrow, I will buy a lip moisturizer for my lips. Hope that it will hydrate my lips more than just drinking water.

    1. Im sorry to hear that. As you can see,I got mine in a roll on type packaging. I purchased one again after I was done with the first and still on the roll on type packaging. I didnt repurchase not because I didnt like it anymore but I received a few more lip care products. Now, I'm not updated if they changed their packaging nor their formula.


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